I'm glad i finally found a forum with a someone who knows a 3.8l series II if
you can be so kind i have a 98 88 Olds 88 and it has driven me nuts...
Just recently my olds 88 had the check engine light come on and as it did it
flashed and car ran rough lack of acceleration, sluggish, and pulled code
P0300 misfire so far below is what I have had done and replaced I've owned
the car for going on 2 years had 62,500 miles  
05/11 new radiator coolant
04/11 2nd new coil pack
06/2010 6 new Autolite spark plugs and wires
07/2010 new ac Delco PCV and o-ring
05/2010 new ICM and 1 new coil pack
now not even 3,300 miles later my
check engine light comes on
intermittently as code p0300 misfire i brought it back to the shop who did
the tune up he re-routed some wires and changed coil pack position on ICM
i have one original coil pack left. The symptoms i feel when driving of
driving at above 40 mph it feel sluggish and you would have to give it more
gas to go and keep at 60 mph when on highway. Just few days ago check
engine light went on and code was P0300, then a day later i started it went
off and car drives fine with plenty of acceleration and 900 rpm idle and
temp. I have gotten so many opinions as pull spark plug, bad spark plug
wire, compression, valve cover leak, thats all the info i have now i was
hoping if you had a chance you can review this maybe give your opinion on
what might be causing the random trouble.
Can't find the PCV valve on my 99
Buick park avenue 3800 series 2. Need
picture or location.
As shown in the picture above, it is located in
position #7. Remove the MAP sensor, and it is
down in the passage.
Is there a inside ambient sensor on 2003 Pontiac Bonneville ?
The word " Ambient" refers to outside temp. So
technically- no. But the automatic air conditioning
system does have in car air temperature sensors.
Yes, could be several things. Misfire under load at
higher speeds is usually caused by a bad plug
wire or plug. Try spraying water on the wires when
engine running to see if you can get a plug wire to
start arching - failing. #6 plug wire- int the back on
drivers side is most common. Have also had a few
valve springs break, but that will usually cause a
constant misfire.
What can I do for a stuck gas pedal on a 2001
Pontiac Grand Prix special
I'm looking for the name of the part that goes connected to the intake manifold
vacuum port next to the port for the brake booster vacuum port
That depends on what year engine you are talking about. But if you are
referring to the fitting that snaps into the back side of the upper intake
manifold plenum, that has different names. Usually called the booster vacuum
port "T".
Throttle position sensor voltage at rest should be
about .45 volts.
I have a 1995 Bonneville with a series 2 engine it keeps losing power while
driving and also while parked.
Could be a crank sensor or ignition module going
out, or a vacuum leak or PCV problem. Check to
see if there are any trouble codes stored in the
computer, as that will help in diagnosis and might
lead you in the right direction.
NEED HELP.....1999 Pontiac Bonneville runs great when cold but when it gets
warm...if i let off the gas it will shut off
Very very dumb question.. i have a 96 Buick Regal. My hazards work, but
when i use blinker it doesn't blink.  And i have looked for the little actual
blinker to replace so it blinks no luck finding it and i have replaced the whole
switch assembly 2 years ago so not that any help?
i have a 1992
Buick Lesabre with a 3800 when it starts it will run good for the
rest of the day then the next day it wont start in the morning and go a couple
days or so till start up and run and it has no spark
What tool do i need to remove the idle air control valve?
1999 Chevy Lumina with a 2005
Impala engine which i put in my self. It has
been driven over a year with no problems by my daughter she started it at
school and said on her way home it started making a noise took it in the shop
and the change oil light is on and i just changed the oil 3 weeks ago and it is
full but now i have a knock or tick that sounds like a lifter? My first thought is
that the oil isn't getting to the top of the engine did these engines have issues
with the oil pumps? And how big of a job is it to replace? This is my first go
around with a 3800 any help would be great with what direction should i
proceed. Also there was 95000 on the Impala engine that i put in.
You need a TORX socket. I believe it is # 20.
i have a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix gt. It has the 3800 series 2. I did a full
rebuild on the engine and came to a stop because I dont know how to line up
the gears to the crank to put the timing chain on. There are dots that indicate
that it lined up but i dont know how to line them up correctly for the right timing
Point the cam gear in the 6 o'clock position, the crank in the 12. Basically they
line up to each other.
Can you help w/torque specs and sequence for the lower and upper intake on
a 2000 Buick 3.8.
I have a 97 Bonneville SE and I wanted to know how do you remove the mass
air flow sensor for replacement.
Just remove the screws and remove the sensor.
Need to replace oil pump in 1995 Buick Riviera.
1994 LeSabre that will not start in cold ambient temperatures.  I replaced ICM,
Coil Pack, CTS, IAC, MAF, PCV, Fuel Pump, Fuel Filter, Plugs, Wires. Ia also,
pulled the Plenum and lower intake to replace the gaskets and clean the
throttle body. However, my car still refuses to start when it is cold outside.
Once the temperature warms up to 45-50 degrees, the car starts and runs
fine, No CEL codes. Any help is appreciated.
Well, you sure have spent a lot of money guessing
at parts. What is the fuel pressure when it is not
starting? Did you check the fuel pressure regulator
(FPR) ? Does it have spark and injector signal?
Where is the oil pressure sensor located on 1998 Buick Regal GS?
I have a 2003 3.8 supercharged
Pontiac Bonneville I replace the upper and
lower intake gaskets pressure tested my cylinders while the intake was off the
#4 cyl leaks 35% on the intake valve. All other cyl where good. Put it all back
together and now my coolant system if being pressurized. Could it be the 2 O
rings  on the upper gasket didn't seat right and the supercharger is
pressurizing the coolant system?
If the cylinder leak down shows 35% loss on intake
valve, then you have a valve seat problem on that
valve. Pressure on the cooling system is a blown
head gasket.
I keep getting the TPS code and I keep changing it because my car is idling
high. I have a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix. What do you think it can be?
If you keep replacing the sensor and still have the
problem, then that is not the problem. Check for a
broken wire at the connector.
1991 Olds Delta 88 3800 engine 70,000 miles. Car was quitting at random
times, usually going slower like coming up to stop signs and cornering. Drove
this way for a year, nothing major always started again. Started running real
rough with real hesitation when flooring it. Then started having trouble
starting. Put in Mass Air Sensor and car started and ran OK, not great! Still no
pick up on HWY. Parked in dark garage and watched sparks jumping from
plug wires all over the place. Replaced plugs and wires, car I thought was
running terrific, more power than I have had for quite a while. Drove around
15 minutes and pulled back in driveway and shut down and tried to start
again. Starts and quits unless giving it a little gas and I thought I could smell
gas. I am thinking Temp Sensor because it seems to me it may be sending to
much fuel like it is thinking its sending fuel for a cold start! Any Suggestions
Greatly Appreciated
Check the fuel pressure regulator (FPR) for
leaking. Pull off the vacuum hose when engine not
running. If you see or small gas, replace it.
My check engine light is on. Code says EVAP. Replaced the gas cap already.
Where are the vacuum lines I should check? Or anything else I should check?
I have a 1996
Oldsmobile Regency 98 3800 Series 2.
The PITA has a no start when engine is warm.
Can start car, run / drive for an hour. Make a stop turn off car. It will not restart
until the engine compartment cools. Usually by popping the hood open.
No CEL, No codes nothing.
Had a garage check it over run the scanner on it.
Good fuel pump pressure at the injectors, good ignition module and coils,
crank sensor checks good.
Tried to reproduce the issue with hood open continually and cannot,so
definitively something that does not like getting hot.
Only other clue was the scanner on it when it was acting up, was weak injector
pulse, and also misfire cylinder # 5. Swapped coils around for the misfire and
changed ICM and still the same bloody problem.
P0401 Code (Insuff. Air Flow) on '01 LeSabre.  Removed cleaned EGR Valve
(which appears to be functioning normally i.e., no sticking valve piston) and
EGR Valve is only about 2 years old.  Removed EGR plenum cleaned all
outlets and tubes.  Still have code, and your site here says there is no DPFE
sensor on GM engines to worry about.  Don't know where to turn.  Dealer
wants a WHOLE lot of money to diagnose.  Any suggestions?  Thanks in
advance for the help.
There are many lines, hoses and seals that would
need to be checked. Depending on your car make
and model, it could be a bad vent valve, purge
solenoid, gas tank module seal, etc.
You have a bad EGR Valve, or the port in the upper plenum is plugged solid.
Either a bad ECM- because of the scanner
problem and weak injector pulse, or a bad crank
position sensor- even though it tests good.
Where is the climate control vacuum line on these motors? I have a 2004
Chevy Monte Carlo 3.8L N/A and was told its some where on the fire wall is
that right and how to you remove to connect to a blower for a conversion kit.
If your system is vacuum controlled and not
electric, it is located under the passenger side of
the dash. It would be a large purple line.
1999 Pontiac Bonneville 3800, Started Misfiring with no initial check engine
light, Misfired at idle speeds such as backing out my drive way runs ok at
highway speeds with plenty of power. Shortly afterwards check engine light
came on I took it to auto parts store and they said it had code stating number
4 cylinder misfire. Replaced spark plugs and check engine light went off after
a while but it still misfires. Its most noticeable at idle speeds like when I back
out of driveway. Any ideas of what it may be?
At low speed without any throttle input, this is
usually caused by a vacuum leak. If you do press
on the gas pedal, then look for a bad ignition coil
or spark plug wire.
Have a 1999 Chevy Monte Carlo Z-34 3800 V-6. Not overheating but coolant
is always getting low. Now Low coolant light staying on. Can't find a leak
The wire going into the Electrical connector on the IAC is not getting any
power but all the other wires are.  Could it be the fuse or just the wire (and if
it's the fuse where is it located under the hood (which number).  I have a 95
Buick LeSabre.
I have a 1998 Buick Park Avenue Ultra.  Supercharged 3800 Series II.  I was
supposedly overheating.  New water pump, thermostat and belts.  I removed
the thermostat, no change.  The coolant temperature sender below the
thermostat was shot...pegging the needle and saying it is overheated when it
wasn't. Why is my engine still running at 190*F with no thermostat?  And
where is the secondary coolant temperature sensor?
Running no thermostat is the same thing as having
a thermostat that is stuck open. The vehicle will not
overheat, but will won't make normal operating
temperature either. It should be about 210 degrees
with a functional thermostat, so 190 isn't that far off
and quite normal without one. Also, there is only
one coolant temperature sensor, and it is located
right below the thermostat housing area. There is
NO secondary temp sensor on your car.
1999 Pontiac Bonneville 3800 non sc no start after warm. Pour gas into
throttle boot run until I cut it off then... No start. Remove the new egr to see if it
is clogged,clean pour gas into boot again starts and runs. Took the fuel
regulator apart looks fine. What am I missing?
You have a bad fuel pump. Check the pressure
when the car is acting up.
I'm experiencing rough idle issues with my 2000 Buick Regal (180K miles)after
it warms up. It runs fine most of the time but periodically the rpms will studder
like a hiccup.  Stalled twice. Replaced the fuel filter first but no change.  
Searches on the web suggested a fouled IAC (Air intake controller) sensor or
faulty MAP's sensor.  I pulled the IAC sensor and was suprised to find a good
deal of carbon build up on the sensor, some of which had come loose and
lodged in the plunger spring behind the seat. I'm concerned that carbon build
up may be fouling other sensors as well.  What is the best way to clean the
carbon build up in the throttle body and air intake of a 2000 Buick Regal?
Remove the Idle control motor and use carb
cleaner or Seafoam. Also clean inside the throttle
plate and the bore.
My Buick LeSabre has this engine and I'm trying to find a diagram of the
MAF/IAt sensor wires inside the sensor.
I have a 97 pontiac grand prix se v6 3800. I changed thermostat, heat sensor
flushed radiator and now I need to replace the temperature sending unit but I
need to know where it is or is it the same thing as the heat sensor. Please
help at my wits end.
The coolant temperature sensor is located near the
thermostat. See previous page.
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