1998 Saturn Question: My front end rotors have completely worn down, need replacing. I'm just
wondering if this is a job i can do myself? I was told when replacing rotors there special
machinery to get them off. Is this true? Also can i maybe get a ball park price to take it in to a
mechanic to replace them? Thanks for your time

No real special tools required to do this front b rakes repair on your Saturn. Just basic
mechanics tools. You would need get the front of the car up in the air and support with jack
stands. Remove wheels. Remove the calipers. Compress the caliper pistons. Then pound the
rotor off with a hammer, since it will most likely be rusted on.

Rotors can be purchased at your local parts store for about $25 each. New pads can range from
$25 to $55.  If you do it yourself, be sure to pump the brake pedal when you are done before
backing out or the pistons in the calipers will not contact rotors on the first apply or two, and the
car will not stop. To have this done at a shop would cost about 2 hours labor, plus the cost of
parts- which would be higher due to a mark up of the cost. Most places may also try to sell you
new calipers, since this may have caused the rotors to be damaged this much.

1997 Saturn SL1
Computer codes = P0341
Question = i  have a fast idle and it won't idle down. What causes this problem?
Thanks Ben.
Code P0341 is a Cam Position Sensor code. This engine does not have a cam sensor
though. It calculates cam position from the #4 ignition coil firing timing. A common cause for
this is corroded ignition coil bolts. This causes a bad ground condition and erratic signal.
Remove the ignition coil bolts, clean them, and apply a little di-electric grease, then clear the

This code will not cause a high idle. Common problems on this Saturn are intake manifold
gaskets leaking vacuum, dried out and cracked PCV valve hose, or possibly carbon in the
throttle. Check for vacuum leaks first as this is most common. Another possibility is a bad
coolant temperature sensor. Disconnect the electrical plug and look for corrosion. If there is,
replace the temp sensor and connector harness.
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How To And Cost Of Replacing Saturn Brakes