Blower motor speeds not working on my Pontiac Grand Am 2002. V6 3400.
Question: I have read many forums about the blower motor resistor being the problem with only
high speed, but not having slower speeds, like 2 and 3. Seems the resistor is the problem.

I have purchased it and need to replace it. Where is it located?
Looked around under the car and the engine area, but cannot find it.
Need some help to replace it. Need a picture.
The blower motor resistor is the most common part to cause fan speed problems.
It is located under the passenger side. Forward of the blower motor, up against the firewall.

Remove the lower dash panel. Locate the blower. Picture below to help.
It has help in by 2 or 3 bolts.
5.5 mm heads.

The one against the firewall is the hardest.
Best way to replace is to get a swivel socket. These can be purchased at any parts store.
Remove the bolts and the resistor and it just falls right out.
Pontiac Grand Am blower resistor location.
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Pontiac Grand Am Blower Resistor Location