My blower for my air conditioner on my 2006 chevy avalanche only works on speeds 1 and 5 and
seems to blow better on speed 1 when i am driving. At idle you can't hardly feel it. What would
cause this? 2006 Chevy Avalanche 5.3 L V8,
checked the fuses and they are good.

A very common cause for this condition is that the blower motor resistor / module and its harness
connector have burned out. There is actually a service bulletin for this condition.

You will need to replace the resistor with an updated part and part #. The dealer will need your
VIN# for this.

Also the connector with wire leads for the resistor- Part # 15862656
Cut the connector off the harness and splice in the new harness. Replace the resistor.
It's location under the passenger side of the dash. Remove the lower panel and you will see the
bottom of the blower motor and the resistor / module next to it...

My vehicle is a 2005 Avalanche with 5.3L V-8, 2WD and 92,000 miles.
Question: Last May at 74,000 miles, the truck tripped a P0449 code and the dealer replaced the
vent valve (FP 25932571).  Seemed ok that it might have failed after 4-1/2 years and 74,000
miles but now the truck tripped the same code again after 11 months and 18,000 miles. Should I
be looking for something else going on or is it reasonable to think that the new valve was just
defective? The part is less than $30 but the $200 labor is not pleasant. Thanks, Steve
It is quite possible that you have had an
EVAP vent valve failure again, as they can go out at
just about anytime. One thing I'd check into, is to find out if they just replaced the valve or
installed a redesigned unit. GM has a service bulletin about this and offers a new vent valve
'kit' that includes a new valve, hoses, filter etc. There is a slight relocation involved and usually
this fixes the problem. Just replacing the valve will usually result in another failure eventually,
as it needs to be routed away from water and dirt intrusion.
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Chevy Avalanche Blower Speeds And EVAP Code P0449