1997 Pontiac Transport SE Check Engine Light code p0740 p0753.
Question = I know the codes p0753 p0740 what should I expect to pay to get the van fixed? Can I
drive it? What will happen if I did? Please advise!

If you are thinking that you need to replace the 1-2 shift solenoid, and the TCC solenoid, the parts
are approx. $175 with gaskets and fluid. It is quite labor intensive. The entire dr. side frame needs
to be lowered to remove the side cover. Expect to pay 5-6 hours labor. Driving with these codes,
and the probable shifting problems for an extended period of time can start to cause other internal
transmission problems.

Note: There is a service bulletin describing these codes that may be an electrical problem not in the
trans, and not the solenoids.

1998 Pontiac Transport ABS light & coolant light with Fuel injector code.
We replaced valve cover gaskets, alternator, spark plugs and wires, fuel injector.

Question = I have replaced all of these items on my van the only thing that was wrong with it we
thought we fixed now it is missing it only has two gears 2nd and 3rd it won't go into drive or
overdrive it stops missing when they loosen up the radiator cap but not understanding that.

Is there anyway you can help me figure out what the problem may be.

With all the work that has been done, it is possible that something was not installed properly. With
the trans, sounds like it is starting out in 2nd gear, and no overdrive, sounds like the trans has
defaulted to 2nd gear start. There can be many reasons for this. From a blown fuse, to an internal
transmission problem.

With the engine misfires, that may be causing the transmission problems. The only possible thing i
can think of as to why the misfire go away after removing the radiator cap, is that you have a head
gasket or intake gasket problem. Releasing the cooling system pressure would likely stop coolant
form getting into a cylinder because of one of these problems.

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Pontiac Transport Engine Transmission Code P0740 And P0753