ABS problem with my 1996 Pontiac Grand am.
SES,Brake,ABS codes P0753, P0758, P1864. Trying to diagnose AC clutch problem.
I was having problems with my ac clutch making noise, was trying to diagnose if it was the clutch,
read on the Internet you could jump 2 wires to engage the clutch, i believe i jumped the wrong wires,
the wires were located under the "high" pressure side ac line, when i jumped the wires
the engine would stumble shortly and return to normal, after trying that, i got in the car and started
it, that is when all of the warning lights came on.

I tried to shift from park and the shifter would not move, so i pushed in the button to force it out of
park, and when i started to drive forward it felt like the brakes were locked, but i did a little research
and found out it was starting in 3rd gear and did not have 1st or 2nd, do you know if i did jump the
wrong wires and that caused the new problem, and do you know if i need a new computer, or do i
need to change the shift solenoids in the tranny, any help will be appreciated.

Well, the first thing you need to do is check ALL the fuses. You may have blown a fuse or a couple.
It is also possible that the wires you jumpered damaged the computer or burned up the ignition
switch. These transsmission codes you have can be caused by a faulty ignition switch and not
internal to the transmission.

Pontiac 1986 Parisienne. I replaced taillight bulbs and fuse.
Question: rear running lights dont work what to do after replacing fuse and bulbs fuse breaks every
time i put one in.

With the fuse popping every time you put one in, that means there is a direct short to ground
somewhere along the rear taillight harness. I'd start by removing the taillights and look for pinched
wiring or a broken wire that is touching metal. You could have two wires that are touching each
other and causing the short. If you don't see anything back at the taillight area, you will have to
follow the harness up through the car and to the dash to look for the problem. Usually these wiring
shorts occur in the rear, and if you've had it apart, you could have pinched the harness or not
connected something right. Start looking there.

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Pontiac Grand Am P0752, P0758 And P1864 Transmission Codes