1992 Pontiac Grand Prix. Check engine light GM Computer codes 13,33,35,44. Replaced intake
manifold gasket.

The engine would idle up real high when started each morn, now after gasket replaced the engine
idles normal,,now engine lite comes on. Where is the o2 sensor and is it hard to replace? Will it
make the car hard to start in morn when cold,26degrees outside.

The oxygen sensor is on the top of the rear exhaust manifold. Will need to slave the motor forward
by removing the front upper engine dogbone mounts, then slave motor forward. Oxygen sensor
should not cause a hard start. Possible left a vacuum hose unplugged. Down near the PVC valve is
a common area.

1991 Pontiac Grand Prix LE 3.1L V6. Replaced Fuel Filter.
Question = My car started periodically shutting off when driving. Usually takes a couple of times to get
restarted. I had a mechanic check the car out and he found no codes and could not get car to shut off.
He tested the fuel pump psi and said it was 35 when running, but went psi dropped when accelerating.
He recommended changing the fuel pump, but also said problem could be the crank sensor. What do
you think I should change 1st. Where is the crank sensor located on my car?

Low fuel pressure will cause the car to stall. Usually it will chug a little before it does.
A crank sensor is common on the 3800 v6 engine. When these go bad, the engine will just shut off like
you turned the key off.

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