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Electric inside car and gauges off and on

Think it's the bcm but some time the gauges come on when I try to turn ac or Windows they got off. Car running good 2002 Oldsmobile alero if I reset it by disconnecting both sides of battery and clap them together for 15 minutes will that help or do I have to have the bcm cleaned or replaced

Main headlights in my 2004 Oldsmobile Alero wont work

I have a 2004 oldsmobile Alero. We just replaced the headlights because they were fogged over. If you turn the lights on, the turn signal and the light right next to it work and the fog lights work but we dont have the use of the main headlights... Not sure what this means... Any ideas?

Door Lock & Radio Issue (Alero)

I just picked up this 2004 Alero with 51K miles. The car is literally like new except for these couple issues. I'm not sure if they are related or not. Everything is stock original. Here's the scenarios:

Start engine, put in drive
Doors automatically lock
Stop car, put in park, kill engine
Doors will NOT unlock automatically

Turn key to on position or start engine
Radio plays and works perfectly
With radio "on", turn key to off position, remove key, open door
Radio still plays,
Get out of car and lock doors with remote, radio still is on.
unlock doors with remote, open and shut door(s), re-lock doors with remote,
radio then turns off.

Can someone please tell me what to check to solve these two issues? This is my sons first car and I want to make sure these issues are fixed before I turn it over to him.


door unlock problem

on my 03 oldsmobile alero, when I turn off the car the doors won't unlock. How do I fix it.

Need help 1998 Eighty Eight LS 3.8

I need help. I have a 1998 eighty eight LS that shows symptoms of over heating but temperature gage is normal , but shuts off and car will not restart until it cools all the way down. Engine miss fires and backfires and goes dead diesling.

2002 olds alero obd codes

obd scan shows codes p0113,p0443 and p0449. where is the iat fuse for a 2002 olds alero located so can check to see if its blown ?

'99 Olds 88 lowbeams

I have a 1999 Oldsmobile 88, and the low beams aren't working. hi-beams and tail lights work. One low-beam went out, and when they went to change the bulbs, the second one also went out.
I checked the car manual and it says there is no fuse for the headlights, so I have no idea what to do.

2002 olds Silhouette

My 2002 olds Silhouette was running great but I let my nephew drive it to Idaho from South Carolina, now before he drove it I had noticed that when I tried to crank it,it wouldn't turn over but I would try to crank it again and it cranked right up. The van ran perfect, no knocks in the engine or problems with the transmission.It ran perfect going to Idaho although hesitated to crank once on the trip. As soon as he made it to Idaho to his apartment
He turned it off and when he tried to crank it it would start at all, he tried jumping it off but no luck so due to money constraints the van sit a little under a month and he finally towed it to the mechanic and they replaced the starter so now it will crank butt it won't stay cranked so now they are trying to figure out what's wrong. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it.

1995 Oldsmobile Oil leak

I got a 95 Oldsmobile 88 royal and its leaking oil out the bottom of the motor what could it be

ICM burn up 99 Olds silhouette 3.4

The van was fine, then a 30 mile trip turned it off. When restarted SIL came on then started flashing. P0303 code tested plug,wire ,coil all ok. Decided to test ICM it tested bad EST/Spout circuit is bad! New ICM installed, flashing SIL took new one for testing. Failed EST/Spout. How to test ECU, X7/X24 CKP, CMP sensors. Any other ideas? It's Mom's van and she is impatient! HELP PLEASE and Thanks

1993 ciera 3.3 won't start when hot

starts cold then runs fine,no stalling.once gets hot won't start,turns over.let sit for a hour starts and runs fine again.just now took it to emission test passed came home turned it off tried to restart won't start.let sit for a hour started right up.

1998 88LS

V6 stalls while driving. Will start right up and drives ok. Happens now and again sometimes week or more before it happens again. could it be fuel filter?

1992 Oldsmobile 88

1992 Olds 88 Sat for 2 years. Was running well. Starts up, then stalls, and makes banging noise.

1990 88 Royale wont start when hot

I have a 90' Olds 88 (3800 Series 1) with 60,000 miles. When the car is driven for 30-40 minutes and you turn it off like you would do to stop and get gas the car will not restart. I have to wait 2 hours for it to fully cool down before it will start up again.

I have replaced the fuel pump, sending unit, ICM, EGR, MAF, Idle controler, fuel regulator, alternator and crank position sensor. What would cause this to happen? It makes no sense to me so any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

1998 Oldsmobile 88 stahled out and now won't turn over

I was driving my 98 88 Oldsmobile that when driving, sputters alot. I stopped yesterday and put $10 gas in the car. When I left the gas station, I got to a red light about 500 ft. away. As I waited for the light to change green, the car stalled out and now won't turn over? The more I try to start it, the worse it seems to get. It's to the point now that it doesn't even want to try to turn over, it now is starting to just make a clicking sound. Don't know what the problem could be?

04 Oldsmobile Alero has No brakes!!!

Have an 04 alero that just replaced the brake, cut the rotors, replace the passenger piston due to it was stuck,and bled the brakes.a month later i was driving and now i couldnt stop. The pedal went all to the floor and there was no fluid in the resevoir.i see no leakage anywhere. I put more fluid but the pedal still goea to the floor...can someone help???

98 intrigue electronic problem

98 Olds Intrigue push on the brake and get 3 dings and dash cluster all gauges go to zero, let off brake everything comes back. Does this everytime you push on the brake does anybody know what would be wrong

2004 alero fans not turning on

Fans are not turning on. i have to turn on/off my ac so the fans to turn on my relays are good i just dont know what it is

1998 88 olds won't start makes clack sound

yesterday car randomly died but then was fine. fuel filter needed to be changed so I did that and now it won't start or crank I just hear a loud clack sound. what do I do now?

2000 intrigue

Just bought this intrigue recently and when you put it in anything other than park there's a warning chime that relentlessly dings during your entire drive. Was wondering if maybe somehow a seatbelt wire was lose or something however there are no indicator lights on the dash. The fuel gauge works when it wants but last start it said full and still had the constant warning chime. Any tips or ideas would be great, for now the radio works to drown out the chiming.

oldsmobile auroua a/c problem

I am looking for a wiring diagram for a 2001 oldsmobile auroua 3.5L......for the a/c is fully charged and there is no compressor engagement I checked the fuse and I swapped the relay with the horn relay which is exactly the same I unplugged the compressor with the car running and a/c on high and found I have power but no ground......I would like to trace the ground wire to see where it goes and the problem is....thanks in advance for any help

Olds Silhouette Climate Control System

98 olds silhouette minivan, after replacing battery... The buttons for A/C , rear defrost, and air intake switching won't work, heat blows cool, AC doesn't get cold... fuses on inside dash passenger side seem fine.

Oldsmobile silhouette Ignition switch burned up

I have a 95 Oldsmobile silhouette van the ignition switch burned up what would cause this to happened ?

Oldsmobile cutlass ciera leaking oil & antifreeze

My cutlass ciera leakin oil & antifreeze from the right side of motor

1990olds 88 won't start

Car quit while driving,it turns over but won't run what can I check

1995 Olds Cutlass supreme

Have what they call a "throw away" Cutlass that started running rough. Long story short the car will now start and idle when you step on the gas it will rev to 2000/2500 rpms then start backfiring and sputtering. I have replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, EGR valve, map sensor, spark plugs, coil pack, pressure regulator, manifold gaskets, have checked and cleaned the catalytic converter, and checked the relay fuse. Problem is the car has no power, Can't get it to go. Any ideas what the problem is or what else I can do. Please and thank you for any suggestions.

1995 oldsmobile achieva dash and tail lights don't work!

One day I turned my car off and it wouldn't start back up when I turn the switch over the dash gades work but it won't turn over or make a noise, then my dash light went out then a could days later my tail lights went out, my head lights, blinkers, brake lights work! I can figure out what to do about it not starting and what could be wrong with the dash and tail lights, fuses are good!!

2004 Alero 3.4L Mass Air Flow

Can you clean the Mass Air Flow Sensor or do you have to buy new one? Also low coolant light comes on periodically but when I check water level it is fine. Why is it doing that?

Exhaust Manifold extract from rear head cylinder 3400 v6

Hi, I was writing because I am almost to the last bolts setting me back from getting my head gasket kit put on my 1998 Olds Silhouette I've ran into many problems but at last I only have to remove the two bolts on the rear head cylinder to get it lose and off to start the process of putting the gasket kit on and rebuilding but the problem is I can't seem to break the bolts lose can someone give me a few pointers so I do not strip the rusted bolts out, also maybe on how to go about getting them lose from the top of the engine if possible at all? Please I need your help or any info or videos that can help me on this project all would be greatly appreciated oh yeah I've tried to disconnect the manifold from the flex pipe but it's not budging an inch all bolts are off also thanks alot

1998 Oldsmobile Achieva electrical problems

Correction: 1998 Oldsmobile ACHIEVA , 6 cylinder, all the lights on the dash are on, but oil and fluids are topped off. Hard to start also. I have to turn the key and hold it for a couple of seconds while I am pumping the gas to make it turn over. Now the turn signals only flash once, then they die, and I have to flick them on and off manually. Repair shop said to disconnect the battery for a few hours to reset the computer. They also said it was an electrical problem. Any suggestions?

98 Olds Achieva electrical problems

1998 Oldsmobile Achieva - all the lights on the dash light up, but all the fluids are topped off. Also hard to start without holding the key on for a couple of seconds and pumping the gas pedal. Now the turn signals only flash once, and when I need to, I have to flick them on and off manually in order to signal a turn. Repair shop said to disconnect the battery for a few hours, then reconnect to reset the computer. Any suggestions?

Running rich

My '93 Cutlass (3.1 port injected) runs very rich all the time. It blows black smoke and stopped up the cat converter which I removed. It starts easily every time. Sometimes the check engine is on, while at others it's not. MAP sensor, fuel pressure regulator and ox sensor have been replaced. Sometimes the engine will stall at up to 20 mph. I want to get it where it runs ok and then I will replace the cat. It always seems to run on all 6 cylinders and has normal power. At times it bucks on light throttle at speeds around 60 on level ground. Emissions testing is due in 2 months, so a solution is needed soon.

Olds Cutlass Dash and Electrical Problems

i just aquired a 1980 old cutlass with a t top and rally gauges it had electrical problems. The throttle cable cut through a power lead a caused a little fire under the hood and messed up the dash. I got the engine running, new cap and rotor and carb and throttle cable. I blocked off most of the vacume lines except the one going to the dist. i had the dash almost fixed when someone broke in and stole the dash with all the gauges,is there any place i can get the dash with all the gauges all i was waiting on was the trip meter now it is all gone and the car looks ugly without the gauges.

A/C mode

My car, 98 intrigue, has the automatic climate control and will not change modes. It blows hard on the drivers feet and lightly every where else. It blows cool but doesnt seem to get colder or less cold. The it transfers to heat just fine. Any ideas of the most likely culprit?

Over heating

Question on over heating on a 99 Olero 3.4 , I have put in a new thermostat , new radiator cap , & a new fan relay module & still over heats , only thing left is the PCM ? Thanks inadvanced

olds delta 88 stalling issue

I have a 98 delta 88. When the outside temp is 85 or above the fuel pump starts whining. This gives me warning that it will stall at any moment. Usually the whining noise stops just before it stalls. Letting it sit for 15-20 minutes it starts right up. This whining noise seems to start when the engine temp goes above 200 degrees. I have checked the fuel pressure and that is good (50 psi). I did change the fuel filter, a lot of black crud came out of the filter when I disconnected it. There doesn't seem to be a time or mileage limit when this happens. I have flushed and changed the coolant. It is very difficult to read any error codes when this happens because it remedies itself so quickly. Any ideas or comments on this problem?

1997 olds cutlass supreme sl. power mirror

I am trying to find how to replace my drivers side mirror with backing plate only. Is there any where I can just get that. I have the housing unit attached.

1990 Oldsmobile Cutless Supreme knock sensor

Is the knock sensor in the same place as the 1994 model?

1995 delta 98 door lock relay assembly

Where do I find the door lock relay assembly in my mothers 1995 delta 98

oldsmobile aurora hood wont open

How do i open the hood from the outside on an 1999 oldsmobile aurora when i cant get in my car.

need fuse for 1976 Ford Chateau, RV,is not at auto zone

I need a fuse that is not for sale at auto zone so it might be that the truck is so old?
If you know of a site or place please let me know
thanks and have a blessed day!

1998 Olds Intrigue, disconnected coolant sensor/dangerous?

my car was overheating and the fans were not working so I had it looked at and found that there was a short in the wiring to the coolant sensor so he disconnected the wiring and the fans came on. he said it was safe to drive the car until fixed. After driving it the first time I found a little water leaking from cap even though car was not hot so replaced the cap and its find. My question is what are the dangers if any in driving with the sensor disconnected? How long?
Have a blessed day

89 cutlass highway problems

Im working on my grandfathers 89 cutlass ciera 2.8 v6. The car will start right up and idle fine. When you ease on the gas to pull away it wants to die sometimes. But the major problem comes when driving at highway speeds 45-70 it jerks and bucks and surges. Only with normal throttle pressure. If you give heavy throttle it picks up and goes just fine. Ive checked the MAP sensor and the voltage output is within range, ive also checked the tps and the voltage output is slightly low but changes as its supposed to so i will adjust it up. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated

ac on a 2002 Olds Bravada

I have a 2002 Olds Bravada I bought during cold weather.The ac works good sitting in driveway but the second I put it in gear it blows the ac fuse.Not sure where to start looking for the problem.Any suggestions?

Re: 90 Olds Delta 88 suddenly dies and won't restart

before you replace anymore parts you should have it checked when it won't start. When it won't start, you need to measure your fuel pressure. it should be 40 to 47 psi for the 3.8L. If fuel pressure turns out okay, check for spark. If the spark is good then check for fuel injector pulse.

each part will have it's own tree to follow depending on what results you get. Crank sensor, ignition module, fuel pump connector, shorting injector, passlock problem, coil pack, and on and on.

what is the problem you are having now? does it die while you are driving and not restart or is it you drive around and park it and it won't start when you come back to the car? Or is it both.

2002 Oldsmobile Alero radio problem

My car radio switched 12+ wire: yellow is only putting out 6.5-7 volts when I turn it up it goes down to 5v. When this happens my radio freaks out, stops playing, and makes a high pitched squeel. I turn my car off and the voltage stays the same and keeps making the high pitched squeel even with no actual power goin to the radio. When I turn car back on it makes an even higher pitched squeel and then goes back to kinda normal. By that I mean the 6.5-7 volts. It will keep doing this every time I turn my radio up to listening volume. Is there any way to get the wire back to 12v or a way to splice power onto the yellow wire from another wire? Like the orange constant? Please help

Re: Warning Bells

pretty sure, 1962 had no chime module. 1962 is before the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan. back when cars were just mechanical machines. 62 should have been the last year they used a generator. In 63 they went to an alternator.

on later models the chime could be for many things. most would have a corresponding light, was the fuel level low? sloshing fuel in a low tank may set off the warning but settling back down would turn off the light.

Where is the ESC module on a 93 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme?

Where is the ESC module on a 93 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme?

Re: 97 olds royale 88

Is your security light on? if the security light is on or flashing the pcm may be disabling the injector pulse.

If you have measured the fuel pressure and you are within specs and you know you have good spark, you need to check your injector pulse. Unplug one of the injectors from the wire harness. use a test light between the two wires in the injector wire harness connector and crank the engine over. The light should blink as the engine is cranked over. It won't blink very fast because you are only cranking the engine so the rpm's are low but you should see if the signal is opening the injector or not.

both the cam and crank sensor send their signals to the ignition control module. The ignition module fires the coils. but the injector signal goes to the PCM and the PCM fires the injectors. The pink wire to the injectors is power from Injector fuse (10A) in the right side dash fuse panel.
the injectors are grounded by the pcm to open the injector.
#1 black wire
#2 light green and black
#3 pink and black
#4 light blue and black
#5 black and white
#6 yellow and black

my car want start

I have a 2000 automobile intrigued in it want start but i took my battery to auto zone to charge it up in i did in i put back in the car in it still not starting but everything else work

Won't start after replacing balancer

I have a 1990 olds delta 88 , and the car ran perfect before replacing the harmonic balancer, Now it won't start, cranks just fine.

1995 aurora sputters and then stalls out.

I have a 1995 oldsmobile aurora with a full tank of gas it will crank up but when I press the gas peddle it sputters and then cuts off what could cause this to happen?

Need help for suprising hubby at christmas.

Hello, I am looking for some direction and advice so I can surprise my husband with some parts for his 1980 Cutlass Supreme...I have some homework to do and had a few questions if ya'll could help me out.
1. when filtering on sites sometimes is asks if the car is Base or Brougham. How do I find this out.
What I want to get him is struts and shocks. What are some suggestions of what will work on his car and price ranges..I want to get some thing he will be happy with but I am also not rolling in cash....Any help would be much appreciated.
Thank you

computer problem with 1999 olds 88 - clicking sound

The car won't start, battery, alternator, starter are all fine. Obviously a computer issue, but I am trying to isolate what started it and what will fix it before I sink a whole bunch of money into it.

Over the past six months, there are many times when the car will not respond at all to starting it, and then after a few minutes will start up. A few have mentioned changing the ignition switch because the wires are prone to break or wear down and lose connection. They said this could cause the problem I am having. Does anyone agree and think that this could ultimately have affected the entire computer system. Now the care won't start at all and I am getting a clicking seemingly coming from right behind the glove compartment.

New Ignition switch ... with floor console or without?

I have an 1999 Oldsmobile 88. I know I need a new ignition switch. There are two options. How may I figure if I need the one with the floor console or without? Is there any way or anywhere I can look to figure it out?

Oldsmobile Aurora A/C defroster

My 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora has had the battery disconnected due to a repair that was needed. Since then the A/C will only blow out of the defrosters. It is still cold but will not blow at you on any other settings. The battery was disconnected when worked on. Since it is electrical I think it needed to be re-calibrated and wasn't. What is the problem and where is the location of the problem, and what part is needed if any.
Please help me with this matter.
Thank You for your assistance

P.S. The engine is a 3.5 v-6 Cadillac engine
2001 Oldsmobile Aurora

2002 Oldsmobile Shilhouette start issue

I have been having problems with my car starting but usually will go after a couple of tries but resets the clock. Tried taking it in to a repair shop but it wouldn't act up at there. Yesterday it wouldn't start at all. There was no clicking noise when I tried to start it. It was just silent almost seemed like a toy car. I haven't been able to start it since. The battery is fairly new about a year to year and half old and was tested when the problems first started. I was told it was still good. I have no idea what could be wrong other than it appears to be something with the battery connections since it was resetting the clock when it wouldn't start. Any ideas?

brake lights

The driver side brake lights on my 1990 olds cutlass supreme don't work but the passenger side does, i have changed the bulbs but still no brake lights but i do have tail lights.

no start after broken steering column

1987 olds Cutlass v8
My steering column broke while driving. The car died and I had to get it towed. After the repair it has power to the dash lights turn signals wipers radio, but the car won't start. When I put the key in the start position there's no noise no crank. I put a test light on all fuses (good) the fuseable link to the starter (good) and on the ignition switch. When on the switch the test light dims when I turn the key. Does anyone know if I'm missing something? At the end of my rope here. Thanks.

Power steering hose/line assembly install

Does anyone have a diagram or information
On installing the power steering hose/line assembly
In the 1990 olds eighty eight royale?
Any info or help would would appreciated!
This is a brand new part I'm attempting to

A/c & heater fan

1990 Oldsmobile Regency Brougham 98
The fan on my A/c & heater will stop blowing or start blowing when I hit a bump or turn a corner. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Olds fan motor sensor

Need to know where fan sensor is located does not come on till car is 230 and hot 96 olds 4.0L engine.


03 Olds Alero. Will a scanner tool pick up bcm codes if the check engine light is not on.


what are the known fixes for the GMC vacuum pressure problem as it relates to the ignition system
for a 98 olds intrigue v6? (or relates to any other problem)

car won't start

My son recently took out the old cassette player out of his 1996 Sierra Oldsmobile and put in a CD player. Now the car won't start and the emergency brake light comes on also the brake pedal is hard to push down on car just won't start. Was working okay until he put the CD player in. Any ideas please?

change air filter

How do you find and change air filter (I need to know how to get it open) on 1999 oldmoble silhouette where is it located on engine need help thanks?


How do I check if my body control module is bad in an 03 olds alero.

complete GMC dianostic rebates olds 98 V6

What would be the cost for diagnostic to determine all that is wrong with my car?
I know electrical but am wondering after I get going repairing where does it stop? lol
thanks for your help and have a blessed day. )

Fuel pump or anti theft system

I have a 03 oldsmobile alero. I had the fuel pump replaced & was told it went out again, I see lots of people saying it might be the anti-theft system shutting it down. How can I do 2 fix this, or bypass the system? Fuel pump relay seems to be fine.

02 silhouette

I have an 02 silhouette. I have changed the fuel pump , filter anf relay and it still wont turn over. Yes its getting fuel we did the fuel pressure test. Can someone please help me.

what effect does electric wiring tape have on 98 olds intrig

I read in my car manual that it is not a good thing to wrap the electrical on my car using electrical tape. Do you know the effects that would have on car. There is a lot of tape on a lot of my wiring and
I have a wiring problem that I am trying to solve. I am going to replace the ignition module intake wiring pony tail so I was wondering about the rest of my wiring? (thanks)
98 olds intrigue V6 engine. I am doing the ponytail because when the car quits then after I play with the wires sometimes just straightening them then the car restarts. But I think I have another problem also because the RMP's go crazy and the car stops again. I can keep it going longer if I keep my foot on the brake and the gas at the same time keeping the rpm's up. I read that the car does not like this and one time I heard a noise that sounded like the alternator but I heard that just one time and none later. appreciate your help, have a blessed day...:) I was thinking about giving the keys to GMC,lol:( but I don't want to have to do that)

fuel filter

on an oldsmobile alero '03, where is the fuel filter.

1995 olds aurora vacuum lines

The part that mounts on top of the throttle body (evap emissions purge harness gm calls it). it has three vac connections to the throttle body and two actual vac lines going out. Do you know of anywhere it can be found or is there a way to fix it when it has hairline cracks on it? Hoping.

1993 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight Royale 3.8L V6

I am replacing my throttle position sensor, and I need to know the procedure to adjust it along with the voltage reading. I was told 0.38-0.42 volts with the throttle valve closed, but not sure if that information is correct.

Go ahead, what do you think this sound is...

Engine number 2 (GM3800 Series II) - lasted about two years.

Driving to work yesterday, felt like it was down on power, no noises. Pushed it a bit, thinking it may be a clogged injector. It would shift down, RPM to 5000, but it would not have the same power as usual.

Eventually made it home, going up the hill there was a new sound, like a burst of air escaping from the cylinder head. That stopped, and this is how it sounds now.

I have done the following, what should I do next?

1. Compression Test - the compression numbers are 175 up to 190...
2. Removed upper and lower intake.
3. ...

Harmonic balancer feels tight...not sure how to test it. Note: There was a power loss preceding this event, compression was good and spark in all six cylinders. The noise was significantly loader at cylinder 6, placed the stethoscope on the rocker bolt.... ... 4.jpg.html ... c.jpg.html

92 Oldsmobile 88 no spark

I have a 1992 Oldsmobile 88 Royale and I've changed the following trying to get the car to start: starter, crankshaft sensor, ignition coil pack, ICM, fuel pump. Then noticed constant, not blinking, SECURITY LIGHT. Well after changing the ignition switch and getting a new key made...we thought everything was good. I had to remove the key from the ignition switch for 30 seconds. Then tried to start it again, but The car turned over for about 2 seconds... Then would not start. It's getting fuel but no spark. Help.

over flow boils

my 1994 olds cutless ciera over flow starts to boil after driving it i am trying to figure it out maybe it is the thermostat, fan not working how does one test it, but does anyone know why it does not do it all the time.
subject over flow boiling.

99 Oldsmobile intrigue sputters and dies like its out of gas

I have a 99 Oldsmobile Intrigue with a 3800 Series 2 engine, recently it died while attempting to get on the interstate. It had been driving semi okay before getting on the on ramp. Since the top end gasket repair on the engine the rpm needle would jump without the rpms actually revving while driving and the rpms do fluctuate a little while stopped (no more than 500rpms). Now my car starts and will rev up just fine in park, however when you put it in drive and attempt to move it acts like it is out of gas. (Sputters and dies while electronics stay on.) Somebody help??

ABS blinks when i put the signal light

Why when I put the turn signal lights either way, on my Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme the ABS light started to blink too? :shock: By the way the ABS light is on.

1996 Oldsmobile Ciera 3.1 lt, stalls/fails to start

I have a 96 Olds Ciera, with the 3.1 lt V6. Today while sitting in line for lunch, the car started to make a sigh/cough noise, when trying to accelerate out of the line, the car bogged down, as if it wasn't getting fuel. This has happened before and if I let the car sit for a few minutes, it will crank back up and drive without issue. This time, after letting the car sit for about a half hour, it still wouldn't start. I left the car, came back after work, it started right up without any problem. I was able to drive for maybe a half a mile before the car shut off completely. The car turns over like it wants to start, but won't.
I've checked for spark, all coils are getting spark, you can smell the fuel being dumped but not burned off. I can almost guarantee that when I go out in the morning the car will start. My question is, what could be causing the stalling and failure to restart. I've been told two possible issues, one, the EGR valve blocked. Secondly an issue with the ignition coil mount. I do have a check engine light on, but it was referring to a system purge during non-purge something another.

Thank you!

Engine stalls while driving .96 Oldsmobile 98

The engine stalls while driving. It don't give any warning, it just quits. But it will start right back up. Then it'll run a while then it will do it again. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Engine stalls while driving .

The engine stalls while driving. It don't give any warning, it just quits. But it will start right back up. Then it'll run a while then it will do it again. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

1998 Oldsmobile 88 Starting problems

My son and I are trying to locate the fuse link on his 1998 OLDS 88 with a V6 engine. Can someone either send directions or better yet, photo's or a video link so we can see where it is at. THANKS DSLJOHN

2001 oldsmobile alero

Ok so I have a 2001 Oldsmobile alero. Tuesday I was driving and all of the dash lights and gauges went out and the radio stopped working, I hit a bump and everything came back on. Went home parked the car tried to start it a few hours later but all it would do is start and shut back off, after a few times worked fine. A little later went back out and it started just fine but nothing on the dash worked. The next day the same problem but later on that day it stopped working all together, the car starts but shuts back off after a few seconds. What could the problem be?

Neutral safety switch

On an 03 alero neutral safety switch, which connector is power in & which connector goes out to starter?

Neutral Safety Switch???

Was told that I may have a problem with my neutral control switch on my '03 Olds Alero. Can anyone tell me where it is on the transmission or have a diagram that shows where it is.

99 oldsmobile bravada

I replaced the rear brakes and now they smoking and get extremely hot going no further than a couple city blocks and back. With the wheel off, my rotor wiggles. Don't know if that's normal. I've changed the caliper poison too. It's there a video anywhere I can watch?


99 alero MAF and temp gauge problems

My 99 alero mass air flow sensor is throwing a code, but it works in my friends alero. So it's not the sensor itself. Is there a relay or fuse that could have gone out? Or do I just need to track down a wiring problem? The day it stopped working my temp gauge also stopped working.

1998 Olds Cutlas sometimes does not start and somtimes runs

My car will start most of the time but when it does not it takes sometimes as much as an hour of cranking it to get it to start.

Just so you know I have my grandchildren flying into town this Wednesday for their annual summer visit HELP!!!!

1. Sometimes it starts but is hesitating it will rev on it's own and then just die.
2. Sometimes no problem.
3. Sometimes when I am driving it hesitates and feels like it is running out of gas.

I brought it into the shop this is what I was told:

1. They told me to replace the Mass air flow sensor and that will do it. (I got that replaced)
2. It had the same symptoms just 3 days later I brought it back in.
3. I was told that "the Intake Vaccum had a leak" I fixed that.
4. I was told The fuel system had to be cleaned. I fixed that.
5. Then they went to bring my car around the front to give it to me and it would not start for them ..
6 I was told it is the fuel pump and the fuel pump regulator.
7. The fuel pressure they told me was 30.

Should I get this fuel pump and fuel pump regulator replaced and can it be anything else?

I appreciate any input.

Mike Soloway

Engine sounds like it is racing, but RPMs normal

I have a 2003 Olds Bravada. When driving the engine fan sounds if it is racing. The RPMs are normal, the engine temp is fine, no warning lights are on. This happens whether in Park or in Drive . It was intermittent, but now most of the time, but not all. When I manually turn the fan blade it stops immediately, it seems tight. Also, the power to the car seems less than normal and it shifts a little late when accelerating. Could be the loud fax noise is clouding my judgement on this. I did see the transmission fluid was below the normal range- I checked it after driving for over an hour so it was a hot check and it was 3/8 inch below the bottom of the normal range. I added fluid but have not driven it since. Any ideas

Loss of function to Temperature and Fuel Guage's same time

I have a 1999 Oldsmobile Cutlass. My problem is that recently we experience both the temperature guage and fuel guage stopped working. Up until this problem, we had occasionally experienced the fuel guage dropping to zero and returning on it own with long periods of fully functioning. I traced the fuse to position 37 in the under hood fuse box. It is listed as ac/bfc which to my understanding has to do with either the AC or cooling fans but seems to be used by other systems as well. Our AC is fine and functioning and there is no problem with overheating. Upon replacing the 10am fuse and turning the key, both guages return to function and read where expected for about 5-10 sec and then they blow the fuse. I have tested this several time with similar result. In researching this problem on the internet I came on advice that this is a typical problem for a number of GM models over the years and with the description of my situation to a T it pointed to a defective Dash Voltage Regulator or Voltage Limiter that perhaps can be found behind the instrument cluster. Upon check with several parts supplier and the local Chevrolet / Cadilac dealer parts department, there seems to be no such part nor had the parts manager ever hear of a similar problem.. My Haynes manual is of no help either. So does any one have more advice or knowledge to this problem? Help is greatly appreciated..... Mike

Christmas in May

My father-in-law just had the engine rebuilt in his 2001 Alero 3.4l(3400 SFI) and he was telling me the car dies whenever he puts the AC in max. When I looked inside his car, his instrument cluster was lit up like a Christmas tree! It looked like every trouble light was lit. When I hooked up my scan tool, I found DTC codes P1189, P0717, U1040, and U1000. I also found ABS codes C1225, C1226, C1236, C1254, and C1298. Anyone have any idea what happened? I told him to take the car back to the guys and let them figure it out but he said they don't know anything about this problem. I tried to erase the DTCs but they immediately came back the next time I started the engine. Thanks. P.S.- I can't find out what P0717 is.

1993 olds cutlass supreme 3.1 convertible

I have 4 problems at the same time. First the idle drops low and car dies, then the a/c quits and the speedometer and rpm guage drops down and then transmission goes into 3rd gear. After about a minute everything returns to normal. I got another computer from junk yard and put in the prom from the original computer but car runs the same and now it is always in third gear. Engine runs perfect except for above problems. please help!

Oldsmobile Alero leaking oil

I have a 2003 osmobile alero its leaking oil and we have to keep adding oil. Any idea what the problem might be?

car wont start and won't keep running when it warms up

1998 olds 88 parked it a couple years ago. it would start fine and run good until warmed up then would die. wouldn't start again until it cooled off. now tried to start it with new battery and only clicks. What do I do to get it started and what do I fix to keep it running when it heats up?

car dies for no reason

i have a 94 olds eighty-eight royale,i am having trouble with it dieing at slow speed,it is very easy to start back,well also put a new master cylinder on the anti-lock brakes but now all it does is chime that there is no fluid in it and the brake light and the anti lock brake light stays on,been told the anti lock brake motor is shot,and it will cost a lot to get it fixed,any help wqould be appericated thanks

No Headlights , Tail Lights or Dash lights

I recently just changed out a battery in my 93 Cutlass and now all of a sudden i dont have dash , tail or head lights and i checked the fuses but they are fine this 93 cutlass has a 3100 v6 motor PLEASE HELP..

1999 Oldsmobile Silhouette lost most of my lights

We bought this used. Been running fine but all of a sudden lost most of my lights.
My dashboard light went out. Now my inside lights are gone. I also lost my brake lights and left turn.
I found two burnt fuses and replaced them but that didn't bring them back. My left turn now blinks barely.
I can't drive at night since no rear lights at all.
When I open the door I now get a constant beeping or bell that I don't recall having before. You know like when you leave the key in or headlights on.
I have looked through the manual but nothing that helped solve this stuff.
Hope someone has some ideas, we can't afford another vehicle right now.

oil sending unit

location of oil sending unit on 97 olds cutlass 3.1 litre

need to know Oldsmobile wheel hub part

i need to find out what the name of the part is that the wheel assembley wheel hub and brakes are attatched to on my 1990 oldsmobile 88 royale.

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