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88 f150 electrical no dash or ignition power
On my 88 f150 man. Trans.4.9 was running OK but went to start it and nothing does not turn over no dashlights stereo blower motor all dead fused links all good so are fuses touched a hot wire to the power side of stereo and windshield wipers moved dashlights came on then the fuse blew in the panel battery is good headlight and dome lights work
Re: 88 f150 electrical no dash or ignition power
you should go back and double check the fusible links. If you had to add power and things started to work before the fuse blew, that means you didn't have power there when you should have... check to see if you have battery voltage on the yellow wire going up to the ignition switch. If you have power at the yellow wire that goes up to the ignition switch but nothing powers up when you turn on the key, you have a bad switch. If you don't have power on the big yellow wire then you need to check the black fusible link. see if you have power on the wire after the fusible link goes into the wire harness.
Re: 88 f150 electrical no dash or ignition power
Fuse link was good lost voltage after the harness passed the radiator replaced the wire and its all good
Re: 88 f150 electrical no dash or ignition power
congrats, glad you found it.
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