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2002 ford ranger XLT....Yesterday morning, the battery was dead, put charger on it, it started right up, and I drove around awhile, then this morning come out and it won't start, I put charger on it, Charger said it was a good, (Charged). I had to leave charger on it for a few minutes, Before it would turn over and start. I drove around the block, went inside for 5 minutes, Came out and it wouldn't start, nothing, Just click click click. Cables are all clean and tight. it is as simple as a needing a new battery? the battery is rather old.......Funny this happened when the weather turned really cold?

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cold weather is killer for an old battery. batteries work best if the temp is around 70+ degrees F. Cold weather slows the battery down. If the battery is getting weak it will definitely show up when it gets cold. Most battery chargers don't really test the battery. They charge the battery and tell you that the voltage rose up enough to read as full. And, it probably is full at that time. with the charger pumping voltage in and charging it raising the temperature. But the question is will the battery hold the charge. That's where a load test or a conductive test would come in. They will tell you if the battery can hold or keep the charge after being charged up.

If you take your car to a battery place they will usually check your battery to see if it good or not. A repair shop will probably charge you to test it but a bettery shop might not if you buy their battery.

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