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4x4 problems in ford truck
I have a 1989 ford f150 4x4 that has the older type front locking hubs and the problem is that when I lock the hubs and engage it into 4 wheel drive it runs fine in a straight line but as soon as I turn in either direction the vehicle starts to sort of lunge or jump around. Any solutions to my problem would be greatly appreciated.
Re: 4x4 problems in ford truck
yes, do not lock your hubs on dry pavement. When 4wd is engaged the two front tires are locked on to the differential. when you turn in any direction the outside wheel during the turn turns in a bigger circle than the the inside tire. The differential is trying to make the tires move the same, so you will get the front end scrubbing the tires as they roll. This is normal and can cause damage if you drive constantly like that. That's why 4WD is for off road or in conditions where traction is poor. The tires will slide on the dirt, snow or water. Dry pavement has no give for the tires to slide so they scrub and make the front end jump around.
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