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2007 Ford Expedition EL XLT wont start.
Last Monday my neighbor broke down on the interstate. We gave her a jump only to discover she was out of fuel. On the way back with fuel for her car, my husband was driving our Expedition when it suddenly shut off and would not start again. When we go to start it, it tries to turn over but it seems that it's not getting fuel. We have checked the inertion switch, the fuel reset switch, the fuel rails, and looked for days for the fuel driver module that was no where to be found. We had it placed on the computer today and no codes popped up. We called the dealership and they said they could look at it for a hearty price. My husband just had surgery last Friday and is out of work for a month now, which means less of an income, so we are trying to avoid taking it to the dealership. I have a friend who will fix it for the price of the part if we can find the problem. What can the issue be? Please help! I need this vehicle so I can transport my children safely as our second vehicle does not have enough seats and my husband cannot drive for the next month.
Re: 2007 Ford Expedition EL XLT wont start.
if you found the inertia switch then you need to check the wires that connect to it. It should have a brown and white wire from the computer and a purple and green wire that goes to the fuel pump. the brown and white wire should be your ground from the computer to the pump. the purple and green wire should be your power from the fuel pump relay. when you cycle your key to the on position you should hear a small click and buzz as your fuel pump turns on for the two second prime. if you cannot hear it, take off the gas cap and have someone cycle the key. Listen to see if you can hear the fuel pump turn on for a couple of seconds. If you hear the pump run you're going to need to measure the fuel pressure at the fuel rail. that would require a fuel pressure gauge. If you don't hear the fuel pump run you will need to check for voltage and ground at the inertia switch to see if you might have a bad fuel pump. if the problem is no fuel it could be the fuel pump relay, the inertia switch, the power relay and/or other things. you're going to need to have someone check those things to see what it is that you're missing so that you cat get your truck running.
Re: 2007 Ford Expedition EL XLT wont start.
All of that has already been checked. There wasn't any problem with the wires, and there is pressure in the rails. The pump buzzes when switched to the on position.
Re: 2007 Ford Expedition EL XLT wont start.
ok, if the pump turns on then you are back to the basics. how much pressure is in the line? key on engine off fuel pressure should be 62 psi. if you have pressure but it is only like 25 psi, it is not enough pressure to start and run normally.

maybe it's not a fuel problem if you have good fuel pressure. your going to need to check your spark and injector pulse. a scanner that has data stream would help you to see if the coolant temp is working normally. you could look at the mass air flow, engine rpm and see the injector pulse width too.

after cranking the engine for a while, can you smell gas? Is the engine flooded?
2007 Ford Expedition EL XLT wont start
Got 35 to 40 psi at the rail, spark at the plugs this ones got me good lol.
The only time it even attempts to start is when the distributor rotated clockwise way out, but never when on the mark.
Has my timing changed?
Re: 2007 Ford Expedition EL XLT wont start.
@Artemkiev, are we talking about the same truck as "expiowner"?
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