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trying to get this vehicle going after it's sat out in the yard unused for over a year an a half :/

Couldn't get it to start yesterday, even after leaving the battery charger on all day. Engine would act like it was about to roll over v e r y s l o w l y and then you'd hear the solenoid clicking.

So this morning I took the new battery off my truck and hooked it up to the Sierra. First crank produced a small amount of blue smoke(!). Tried it a few more times, engine turned over slowly like twice and then started producing a whining sound.

And that's where I am now, starter not rolling over at all, just a loud metallic WWWWHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEE! when you turn the key. I put the old battery back on and it's back to just the solenoid clicking.

I called my dad, he suggested the bendix(sp?) drive? Maybe that's just not engaging or the teeth are worn out?

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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when the starter makes the fast clicking noise that means that there is not enough current to hold the solenoid in while it tries to turn the engine over. When you put the new battery and got it to crank then it just kicked out and now does the spinning of the starter and not start the engine it is usually the bendix like your father said. It could be the tooth contact area has been stripped but that would be a little unusual. Put a socket and a ratchet on the crank bolt and make sure you can turn the engine around a couple of times to make sure it's not seized up or any thing. TURN IT WITH THE RATCHET WITH THE KEY OUT OF THE IGNITION! Don't want anything to accidentally happen like it might start up...

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On the suggestion of a neighbor I took the starter to a local alternator repair shop and as it turns out there was a plastic gear inside that had worn out. Cost me $40 but that's much better than $200 for a new starter. Appreciate the help, sorry it took so long for me to follow up.

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