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I have a 2002 Venture the dual switch window control stopped working, we replaced the switch still not working. brought to body shop they too replaced switch still not working, got power to switch but not from switch to motor (motor checked out OK). Bypassed switch got windows to work. Told me they didn't know from there because it was beyond their expertise. I need help because I use this window a lot. thank you in advance.

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if the switch is good and the window motor will work when you power it manually then you have a wiring problem. somewhere in the system there is a break in the circuit. Since there is only two wires to the window motor all you have to do is unplug the motor and unplug the switch and using an ohm meter, measure the wires. or just unplug the motor and use a test light. put the test light on one of the wires that went to the motor. move the switch to up and then to down. you should get the light to come on in one direction then test the other wire the same way. does one wire not light up the light or do both wires not turn the test light on? you can also test that at the plug on the switch end by back probing the connector.

should be pretty simple. You can either repair the open when you find it or you can cut and splice in your own wiring and bypass the break.

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