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i have a 2005 chevy venture that have lost power to windows and power locks and dome lights. i can jump power in the fuse box to get the windows to move up and down. so im not getting power to the fuse box. i have went thru and redid the wires on the pass side on the floor board under the carpet. i can not find the fuse for the dome lights or the power door locks. i am at a lost. any help please.....thank you... Jerry Thompson

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so, when you power up the window circuit, you are doing it at the 30A power window circuit breaker? Window circuit is an ignition switched circuit but the door locks and the dome light should be power available all the time.

the window circuit breaker gets it's power from a RAP relay in the relay block below the right side of the dash right next to the body control module. the power to the "G" circuit comes from the IGN MAIN 2 fuse, a 60A in the underhood fuse box.

the fuses for the power door locks and the courtesy lights is in the right side instrument fuse panel. CTSY LAMP fuse, 10a. PWR LOCK fuse, 20a.

While there are fuses for courtesy lamp and power door locks they are both controlled by the body control module. The RAP relay that turns on the power to the window circuit also goes into the body control module. Use a scanner and see if there are codes or if you can test the circuits you are having problems with

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