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I have a very well kept 2009 Chevy Suburban with 106,000 miles on it. It has been relatively trouble free until the following electrical/computer issues began: I will start car and drive down the road and all of a sudden I get hit with 5 different error codes; Stabiltrak, Service 4 wheel drive, check brake control system, ABS icon flashes- then my door locks go up and down and my speedometer and RPM needed do not operate. Then the tranny will not shift up and my RPMs start running high. I have to pull over and turn the car off, wait a few minutes and restart. Sometimes it will not start and everything is totally dead. I will wait a few more minutes and then it will start and all will be good again. It is like turning a dysfunctional cell phone off and then restarting so it can reset and operate again. My Chevrolet Dealership cannot isolate the problem and after 3 months of sitting in their lot it is still not fixed. I know this is fixable but I need some expertise help. Any suggestions out there? I need to find a good mechanic in the Flathead Valley, Montana area that really knows Suburbans?

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not being there to check things out, I would look at the battery grounds and the ignition switch. 09 chevy should save codes when things start to go screwy. Were there any engine, trans, instrument cluster, body or abs codes after it acts up?

you may need to drive it with a scanner graphing the data stream to see what is happening as the vehicle is driven and it acts up. If it is a power or ground issue it may turn parts of the scanner off also but even that is a clue and a direction to start looking at.

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