Chevy tracker 4wd system

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Chevy tracker 4wd system

Unread post by Oldie64 » Sat Nov 18, 2017 6:08 pm

Hi all new here. Trying to find some answers to a problem with the right side cv shaft popping out at the differential. I bought this vehicle used from a used car dealer and everything seemed to work. It was a few months after as I hadn't used the 4wd much and went to use it and it didn't work. I found after that during another issue that the front inboard portion of the passenger side cv shaft had popped out of the differential. I couldn't push it back in so I investigated a bit further and decided to replace the shaft with a reman one. When I removed the old shaft I noticed that the end of the shaft past where the spring clip groove was that it had been burred almost 45 degrees and the groove for the clip was almost gone. I couldn't push the old shaft back in and noticed the splines had a bit of burr on them. I cleaned them out and tried installing the old shaft again without the clip and it went in nicely ( found the old clip laying just inside the end of the spline a little worn
and had a small gouge in it but in one piece). So I installed the new shaft and it clicked it apparently firmly (however I didn't like the appearance of the spring clip which came already on the new reman shaft, it didn't seem as heavy in appearance as the one I removed from the differential). However it seemed locked in firmly so I proceeded to reassemble the rest of the shaft and components. Once assembled I inspected the shaft by trying any up and down and side to side excess play and found only nominal up and down movement of the shaft at the differential end. Everything seemed to work fine and I didn't use the 4wd then much until the next winter assuming it was still working I tried it in a situation only to fins the light went on and the shift lever went into 4wd but no 4wd. It wasn't until I was doing something and was laying under the right side front end and looked up and noticed the passenger shaft had popped out once again.
I haven't done anything since that time until now as I want it fixed for winter but want to find the cheapest and most economical means to do it. I've bought another reman shaft from a different retailer. I looked at it before I purchased t but am not sure the reman supplied the correct clip. The ones I'm used to seeing as well as have seen with the original old one I removed and the first reman one I've installed are what are the spring style (shaped like the letter C sort of), this shaft came with the spring style which utilizes the little ears or holes and proper C clip pliers are required to install and remove them. From my limited knowledge this style clip cannot be used as there is no access to the inside of the differential without removing said differential to gain access to the inner end of the axles in which the axles would have to be removed to remove differential.
That being said potentially the reman supplier supplied the wrong C clip.
My question is why would two shafts pop out, would, there be something worn on whatever compnent/edge interior where the clip would secure the axle to allow it to pop out or excess up and down movement of the spline to allow vibration and movement to allow the axle to pop out, or was the reman clip wrong.
Not sure what to do.
Couple options replace the entire differential with another used one, replace the complete differential housing axle to axle used from wrecker, or try a used passenger shaft alone.
I think I'll be returning the new reman shaft as it won't work without the proper spring clip and the chevy has discontinued these.


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Re: Chevy tracker 4wd system

Unread post by carriedi » Sun Nov 19, 2017 4:21 am

is the vehicle at the stock height? I am thinking that the only reason the axle would keep popping out is the distance the axle sits in may be too big. The inboard joint is supposed to be the joint that moves in and out as the vehicle's height changes. If the axle is too short and the movement goes more than the allowed movement in the joint it will pull the axle out of the trans. It could be that the gear that the axle pushes into could be worn also. How easy is it to pull the axle out? It should be a little difficult. Should need a pry bar or something to pop the axle out once it's all the way in.

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