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I have a 1998 Pontiac transport and for some reason now when you lock the doors from the interior switch and leave the vehicle. When you try and unlock the doors from the exterior key hole in the driver side door, it only unlocks the driver side and when you try to start it the security system goes off and the engine dies. The doors will now not unlock but will lock. After waiting for hours, you can get in, (with the doors unlocked) and it starts up fine. But when you turn the car off, lock the doors from the switch, and close it, the process starts all over again.

I have the remote, but the remote has been dead for a long time, and never used it. I found the white wires, and blue wires under the carpet on the passenger side and spliced them back together due to they were pretty corroded thinking this would solve the issue but no dice!!

Any help would be great on figuring this one out!! Thanks.

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have you tried a new battery in the remote?

when you use the key in the door to unlock it is only for that door. The body control module is supposed to see the door lock opened with the key and disable the alarm. you may have a bad switch or wiring to the switch. Try unlocking the passenger door with the key and see if the theft deterrent still shuts down the vehicle. If it works normally then you need to check the drivers door lock circuit. If it still sets off the theft then you should have the BCM scanned and see what the data stream shows is happening when you use the key in the door locks.

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