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Im wondering if you can answer these questions. It's my first time here so I will try and include detailed stuff abiut my Truck.

IAC (Idle Air Control)

After taken the IAC Valve out and cleaning the black residue at the end, I'm wondering how far the end of it should be going in/out? I tried turning the car over with that valve out, and all that happens is a small movement- Is that normal?

Also I see some really small holes at the end of the Pintle, Should those be really clean?

How would I test the IAC Valve? I do not have the money to take it to the dealer at the moment, Just had a new baby!

Is there some easy way to check it?

One thing I did do is to test the resistance of the valve and things checked out ok.

Should I replace the small "O" ring? Is so where would I get it at? I checked online with no luck.

*How would I test this with the valve attached to the engine? A mechanic a while back cleaned it, but once done he did NOT use a new gasket, he resused the one it had on it. Is that very important to get a new gasket?

My mechanic when recently replacing the fuel pump, did not put a new rubber gasket when attaching the assembly back on, he just reused the old one.

Should I get a new gasket an dhave it put on? Is it very important or critical?



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so your resistance was 35 to 43 ohms between 1&2, 2&3, 4&5 and 5&6?

1 is iac coil control
2 is ignition (+) main relay
3 is iac coil control
4 is iac coil control
5 is ignition (+) main relay
6 is iac coil control

disconnect the wire harness connector and measure the voltage from the wires 2 and 5 it should be battery (+) voltage. The pcm controls the iac by varying the duty cycle. increased idle speed is accomplished by longer duty cycle on time. (there are two rows of three wires in the connector. the Ing (+) will be the the two middle wires in the rows of three.

the egr valve also has a six wire connector.
1 is egr coil control
2 is ign (+) main relay
3 is egr coil control
4 is egr coil control
5 is ign (+) main relay
6 is egr coil control
(look familiar?)
the test for power at 2 and 5 is the same as the iac. the middle wire in the row of three.

In both cases the pcm controls which circuit is grounded. So, unless you have something to tell the pcm to make the coils move you will have a hard time to see if the separate coild are doing their job.

New gaskets are to make sure you have a good seal. You may get by with using your old ones. Most mechanics won't reuse the gasket because they don't want to do the job twice if the gasket fails. (and they usually don't get paid for doing it the second time) (and usually a fuel pump comes with a new O-ring or gasket, why wasn't it put on?)

Here's the thing, I can tell you how to check things but as a mechanic myself, I'd really rather hear why you want to check them. Do you have a problem with your vehicle or do you just want to know how things work?

File comment: Chevy Tracker idle air control (IAC) motor.
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