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Radom until recently ... occurred once two years again and maybe once every 6-8 months. In the last couple of weeks it’s often.
Reduced engine power light will come on- will Not accelerate - must pull over - when brought to a stop, it’s running rough - turn car off for a minute or two and then it drives perfectly fine. Twice in the last week it did happen twice within a 6 miles in the morning. It seems to only happen in the morning or if car hasn’t been driven for a day. If I crank car and let it run for 15 minutes before driving it also doesn’t happen. Code showing is p1516

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p1516 is a code for the throttle position sensor commanded position doesn't match the actual throttle position. You should have someone with a scanner with data stream capabilities and drive the vehicle and graph the throttle sensors.

verify the power and grounds. Watch the throttle sensors and see if they match. Watch for glitches in their graphs. Breaks in the connector wiring happens. Watch the sensors while you wiggle the wire harness for the throttle body. The throttle bodies do go out at times.

Have you used your car to jump another car or had to have your car jumped with someone else's car? That's a big problem now days. the spike can damage the computer and/or modules. If some one asks you to help jump their car, please say "no". They won't pay for the damage that can result to your car because it can run into the hundreds of dollars. Buy a battery pack made for jumping low batteries. They're much cheaper that the car repairs I have seen from people that jumped someone else"s car.

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