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1987 mustang gt convertible

1987 mustang gt won't start without starting fluid. Once it starts, it sounds like it has a radical cam then dies


1987 mustang gt won't start without starting fluid. Once it starts, it sounds like it has a radical cam then dies

Mercury cougar-1999

When the battery is connected and the key is off the car makes a ticking sound from under passenger side dash.. when they key is on and the car starts it goes away.. What do I do? I believe it drained the last battery and I put in a new one today.

Ford Truck Accessories

I need truck accessories for Ford F150. Can I get any help to finding it because I don't know which sites are trustworthy? I would thank full if I get any help.

beautiful 97 Lincoln Continental transmission DESTROYED

My car has been having alternator problems, and I've fixed it for the third time. First time I had a friend do it, second time I brought it to a monro muffler for a warranty, then when I brought it to another monro muffler recently they still charged me for service as I didn't buy the part from them originally. I upgraded to a Duralast Gold to replace the Duralast alternator that had failed after being replaced for the second time.

I'm at school away from home and my alternator went for the third time. I was busy, so I let the car sit in a parking lot from the beginning of October when it was warm, to mid November when it got to around freezing (not continuously freezing, but this is the first cold weather I've had with the car.

I had a lot of AAA towing miles left as I'm the only one in my family who drives a non-leased car. When the truck driver came with the flatbed, the car started up and ran since there was still juice left in the battery. The truck driver was able to drive it up on to his flatbed, but he hit the bed HARD on my long wheel base car when he was driving it up his flat bed. It did not make a nice noise. I'm talking you could see the bottom of the car flexing a fairly decent amount. He had to give it a lot of gas when it got stuck. I'm pretty sure the car's supposed to be towed on a dolly now, or a longer bed. This is where I think it may have happened, but I was not there for when they got the car off the bed.

So in order for the tow truck driver to get the car up on the truck, he would have had to give it power and would have said something if the gears were slipping.

When I got the car back from being fixed, the guy at the shop called me up and said the transmission had a minor problem. When I get there, he tells me it only goes in reverse and you have to give it power to move it. I don't know why I paid before I inspected the car, I guess you're supposed to trust people you're already paying hundreds of dollars to for a simple alternator job.

The second time I had it towed, after I got to the shop, AAA called a driver with a much longer bed that was much less steep, and the car wouldn't go up in the gear it's stuck in. It had to be dragged on, opposed to when the guy just drove it up on the bed the first time.

If someone could point me to some possible liability laws in NY on the tow truck drivers part or the shop's part, let me know.

I played with the transmission a bit to try and figure out what's wrong; had to get some details even though it would most likely damage it more. I don't care about damaging it more since the car's worth, at max, was $2000 when the transmission was good. I also don't really need a car.

[b]The progression of the problem:[/b]
When I first picked it up, it would only go in reverse. When it was in Drive, you could floor it and it wouldn't hit the rev limiter and it wouldn't move.

I drove it downhill for a 1/2 mile away from the shop. Then it got weirder. I was sitting in a parking lot moping that my beautiful classic luxury American automobile was destroyed. I got frustrated and floored it about 4/5 the way to the red line in drive when it wouldn't go forward. It lurched in to gear and would finally start going in 2nd, and it wouldn't shift when it should, only stayed in 2nd. At this point, it would no longer go in reverse.

I got the car towed back to my school. I drove it to the liquor store 2 miles from my school because it was a Friday night and I wanted to show how badly my car was messed up to my friend. I was trying the reverse again to get out of the lot when it kicked back in. A new situation arose: I could go in reverse, but I could also shift the car in to 2nd. It would stay in 2nd until it felt it was supposed to shift, when the gears would slip and I'd lose power. I had to keep it under 2500 rpm to prevent it from attempting to shift and slipping.

I bought this car from the son of a 95 year old ex-cop who probably died in it. My parents knew the old guy, and he most definitely babied the car. It only has 107k miles on it and there has been regular maintenance with only synthetic oil. My car NEVER had a transmission problem for the 1000 miles I've driven it. I drove it across NY from Buffalo to NYC.

The car is in beautiful condition. There is only minimal rust. With the care and preventative maintenance I had taken with the car, it would have lasted me to 300k; these old 4.6l v8's are built like tank engines.

Re: My escort please help

what fuse keeps blowing? does it have anything written by the fuse or a fuse number? What fuse box? Inside the passenger compartment or in the engine compartment?

if it's the 30A fuel injector fuse, it powers up the pcm power relay and the fuel pump relay and goes to the alternator.

does it blow right away or does it take some time? If it blows right away, you have to look for a short to ground in the circuits. If it blows after you drive for a while you may have to separate the circuits and see if you can narrow down what circuit is the problem.

it's going to be tough to find if it takes a while to blow the fuse. You will need something that can measure the amp draw on the different circuits while the car is driven and see how much the draw is. Try looking at the wire harness for anywhere it might rub on the engine or the body and rub through. Wiggle the harness to see if you can make it blow the fuse.

a direct short would be easier to find. They make tools that send a tone through the circuit and you can follow the wiring until the signal stops and that's where you look for the short.

'97 Mercury Sable-How to Refill Coolant After Overheating

'97 Mercury Sable, V6 Engine, (pretty sure it's the Vulcan engine, it's the one 87% of them have, not the other).Since the heater was leaking, I had someone bypass the heater until I put a new one in, which I didn't do, (only use the car for very short trips into town). Was driving yesterday and the serpentine belt slipped off. suddenly the car became hard to steer, I noticed it was overheating, and the battery light went on. I pulled into a supermarket parking lot, got the permission to leave it overnight, and am borrowing my cousin's car. The engine temp dial showed it went very near the top, and when I opened the hood the overflow reservoir had leaked coolant all over, (which I expected).

Surprisingly, the belt is not broken, only stretched a great deal. I had no problem fitting the belt back on according the diagram on the inside of the hood, only of course there is too much slack. Assuming I have no problem putting a new serpentine belt back on, I was just wondering about two things.

1. Assuming the water pump is fine, (put in a year ago), instead of coolant, can I fill the overfill tank with plain water, then drive the car the 5 miles to my house, drain the system, then refill with water again, drain, and maybe repeat the process again before putting in the coolant/water mixture? I don't know how to reverse flush the system, though I do have a water hose at the house.

2. Can I trust the oil in the car to drive home with? It's due for an oil change anyway, just wondering if overheating the engine might have destroyed the viscosity of the oil so it shouldn't be driven even 5 miles.

Any advice is sincerely appreciated.

2004 pontiac grand prix throttle position sensor

I took my car to pep boys and they told me the throttle position sensor and the accelerator pedal needs to be replaced. Though I just replaced the pedal a few weeks ago. Auto zone told me that the throttle position sensor cant be replaced, it has to be the entire throttle assembly. Yet they sell the position sensor online that is an exact fit for my car. Advance auto parts sells the exact fit for my car as well. So how do I know if I need to replace the entire assembly or just the sensor. Especially since the sensor cost roughly $350 and the pedal sensor was about $55.00. Pep boys was goona replace both for 500. and the sensor part that they quoted me for was only $150. Help someone, anyone.

I can attach photos of engine if clarity is needed.

Replacing the Catalytic converter(s) on a 1996 Windstar 3.8L

I am unable to find any online diagrams, pictures or instructions on how to replace the catalytic converter(s) on my 1996 Ford Windstar - 3.8L V6.
Also unsure as to what exactly to purchase because I am unable to find anything other then sales pitches. Any one know?

I think I have it figured out, kind of, but would like to have some more solid information to work with.

2007 ford freestyle wrench light comes on and will not shift

my 2007 ford freestyle wrench light comes on and I can start off but the vehicle will not shift into drive , so while driving, I turn the ignition switch off and right back on the wrench light goes off and it will then shift. But once I stop and turn the vehicle off the wrench light comes on again and I have to repeat the process?

I noticed that the vehicle started a noise (helicopter) if in park or in neutral, but noise would go away if in reverse, low or drive.

Any thoughts as to what part/parts have failed?

Re: 2005 lincoln town car headlight

No you don't have to take the whole bumper off. You do have to take the side of the bumper loose though.

Ford Contour PCV Valve replacement

OK, I own a 1998 ford contour 4-cylinder. That I have to replace the
PCV valve. This is not an easy part to change on this vehicle.
It is located up front next to the Exhaust Manifold. However, there is an Exhaust Manifold Cover in the way. The Problem is that the bolts are siezed.
What I want to know is, do I need the cover? Can I torch or cut it off and won't have any problems?

Re: fan motor/heater core

it would be better to find out what is leaking and fix that. Is the leak coolant or is it water from condensation collection from the evaporator?

if it is water, check the drain for the heater box that goes outside. It's probably plugged up

1998 ford contour elec door locks

my driver door is locked. I can hear the motor working when I push lock .when I push unlock no noise no nothing. the other 3 doors are fine. could be a fuse? relay? if so where would it be located ? please help

Just Stops running

my 1998 ford taurus station wagon dies after I drive it for 10 minutes and the battery light comes on. After I wait for a few hours it starts right up! It been leaking oil from somewhere? Check oils all OK.

1997 Sable - Proper Wrench for EGR Tubing Nut

Wanted to change the EGR valve on my 1997 Sable 3.0L Vulcan but I did not have the proper wrench to loosen the nut that attaches the EGR tubing to the EGR valve.

Does anyone know what is the size of that nut and/or what is proper size of a wrench to loosen it?

I do not want to pay big bucks to the dealer if I can do it myself.

Looked all over but no one seems to know the nut size and/or the proper sized wrench to use.

Info is appreciated

Gap or Not to Gap That is the Question - 1997 Sable

I am going to change the spark plugs in my 1997 Sable. The engine is the Vulcan.

I bought 6 AGSF32FM plugs. I do not have a guage but the gaps on all of them visually look consistant side by side.

The gap required for the car is .044.

The Parts Guy at my Ford dealer tells me that the mechanics don't bother gapping the plugs, and just pop them in.

Other people have told me to do so.

I have two questions: does anyone know the gap of the plug virgin out of the box? Is it .044?

Secondly, do you gap your plugs or no more?

Clarity is appreciated.

alternator replacement

I had alternator replaced on 2006 Ford Focus wagon and mechanic said he had to drop the front axle. Is he pulling a fast one and where exactly is the alternator situated?

1997 Mercury Sable - Easy to Replace Spark Plugs and Wires?

I have a 1997 Sable that is due for spark plug replacement and wires. Mileage is 99,323. I think definitely because sometimes the engine shakes for a few seconds when I start the car, and then smoothes out. I have already replaced the PCV, the IAC Valve, and have cleaned the intake manifold, and MAF sensor. The car has the 3.0V6 Vulcan.

The three spark plugs in the front are easily accessible but the three in the rear look difficult. I have a spark plug socket, ratchet, and ratchet extension. Would I be able to replace these and the wires, myself easily, or should I pay $200 for a professional to do the work?

Do you also recommend Anti-Seize gel and Dielectric Grease? Thanks.

Btw, I have read in other forums that many people say that the 3.0V6 Vulcan is a very reliable engine. True?

ABS Light Only Appears Momentarily on Startup when Cold

I recently purchased a used 1997 Sable and noticed that whenever the car sits overnight, and the engine is cold, when I start the car the yellow ABS light blinks momentarily when I start the car, and then goes out.

After the engine warms up, and I use the car throughout the day, the light no longer appears.

Is this normal? Is it designed to do an ABS system check once a day, and only when cold?


I needs the exhaust on my 2000 for escort repaired but only from the catalectic converter to the bolts on the manifold Where in Suffolk can I find a repair shop that will fix just that and not tell me I need the whole system repaired I'm not looking to spend 1300 when I can get the job done for 2 OR 300

Re: 04 mustang stall on take off and backfire

i have changed the spark plugs twice and the wires and coil pack and pvc valve ......i have a diagnostic machine it throws the codes p2197 for the o2 sensor and p0316 ...ive had the issue for a couple months now if i reset the computer it seems to run fine for a day or two then right back to the hesitation on take off and the backfire ...after i reset the computer the check engine light stays off for a while til the problem comes back and when its hesitating the check engine light flashes til what ever is starving it for fuel kicks the fuel out and then send me slinging down the road ....also it doesnt like to sit and idle if its acting fine and i let it idle for more than a few min it makes it start to hesitate to the point of wanting to stall out

2005 Mercury Monterey error code P0340

2005 Mercury Monterey • 4.2L V6 FWD Automatic • 75,600 Miles
I have a Mercury Monterey 2005 just lately it started to have a problem at first it would sputter then run fine and only about once a month. Then it started getting worse with it stalling and then it would die after a loud belt squealing sound. It finely had the check engine light come on so I read the code P0340. I had read that this model had a problem with the ECU having water intrusion problems so I ordered a new ECU and installed it myself. But the problem came right back with the Squealing belt sound and the engine just shutting off after resetting the key to off and restarting it works for a few minutes then dies again with the RPM's around 2000.
It has been real bad the last couple of days since we have had heavy rains so that led me to believe it was the ECU. But after replacement still the same. I replaced the Camshaft Position Sensor also and still the same. I have read that it could also be the Alternator and that kind of makes sense since the belt squeals every time it happens. The engine runs perfectly until this happens then it just shuts off sometimes I can pump the throttle and it will return to normal but not every time PLEASE HELP!

resetting codes new speed sensor 98 mustang 3.8L 6 cylinder

A diagnostic scanner reported a bad speed sensor, so i replaced it with a new one. There was no improvement, and i was told the old codes needed to be deleted and allowed to reset. How is this done? No one seems to know and i havent been able to find any videos on youtube for it.

Re: 2006 Freestyle ABS issue

If everything was working normally before I would go over the work that was done. If you did it yourself, go back and recheck everything. If you had a shop do it, take it back to them.

What should be done is have your vehicle scanned for codes and graph the wheel speed sensors to see what they are doing.

Ford Car Milage - carprice se

Hi Friends I have a ford car 2010 model Its Apporximate Milage is 20 i want to Increase it ? How It is Possible

Ford Mustang Engine Overhaul Project

Follow our Ford Mustang engine overhaul project from start to finish. View pictures and descriptions of our performance overhaul.
Click here...

Ford Mustang 5.0L Overhaul


High revs when clutch depressed

I have a 1998 1.8 zeetec petrol ford focus. I have a problem that when I press the clutch in, the revs go high until the selected gear is engaged when it returns to a reasonable level. When in neutral the revs idle normally and the engine is smooth. It only happens when the clutch is depressed. any help would be appreciated. Thank You in anticipation

missing when given it gas

What would cause my mustang to cut out not not want To take fuel

Cruise control problem on a 2004 Ford Freestar

2004 Ford Freestar with a 4.2 engine has a cruise control that is no longer working and the diagnoses is that the Brake Fluid Control Switch is bad. The brake fluid control switch is in the brake fluid reservoir but I am having a problem in removing the switch. Can anyone tell me the best way to remove and replace the switch and not damage the Brake Fluid reservoir? There is a two wire connector attached to the switch.

2002 3.0 DOHC

Changed plugs and wires on '02 3.0 DOHC. I've had nothing but trouble since! I've changed the EGR valve - defective, the IAC - defective also, Upper intake plenum gaskets, lower intake gaskets. Have been chasing ( I assume) a vacuum leak. checked the PCV hose, EGR hoses. Codes I'm getting now are 0136, 0156, 1131, 1151, 0171, and 0174. I cant believe that all 4 sensors have gone bad. Car wants to idle at 1500 after warm up. getting a backfire off of # 2 or 3 on cold start. Idles low at cold start, sounds like it is cammed.
Driving stays at 1500 rpms, pop it into nuetral, jumps to 3600 for 3-4 sec. and drops to just above idle and jumps back to 3000 and back and forth. If I touch the throttle on cold start, it will jump to 2600 and ever so slowly drop. Any ideas???

2005 Taurus stubborn p0300

I have a 04 Taurus with a vin U 3.0 that sets a p0300 while sitting still idling in Park. With a snap on Solus Pro scanner I can see the misfire count go up 1 to 2 counts about every ten seconds. The car seems to idle fine and seems to count misfires faster if the a/c is off and will not count any if it is in gear. If I watch the cylinder contribution numbers it seems to catch a problem with every cylinder but very random as far as time and which cylinder, The plugs are fairly new and coil and wires check ok but I really don't think it is ignition related just by the way it acts. The fuel trims are around 1-3 the labscope pattern of the crank sensor looks very normal and I replaced both the cam sensor and the synchronizer with no change. I tried finding a vacuum leak by spraying carb clean around while watching O2 readings with no luck and removed and plugged pcv line which made no difference. The customer said that this seemed to start shortly after he had oil changed at a quick lube facility. I see there is a 10 year old Ford bulletin on a software update for a p0300 but it seems unlikely that it has taken it this long to just now show up. I might try cleaning the injectors next but am open for any ideas This has been going on for multiple tanks of fuel now. Thanks in advance for any thoughts and help.

92 Ford Escort

FM radio won't work but AM works fine? Any idea what to do?

2007 ford

2007 ford taurus, was driving along and check breaking system came on then about a min later, lost all dash car wont start and i have lots of battery power when i turn key off i hear a bunch of clicking noises from behind the wheel in the dash...was no sign of this happening, what could it be...never owned a ford before

Hearing a shaking noise from the back tire.

I have a 2009 Ford Focus and last day while driving, I heard a noise which sounded like shaking in back tire. It sounds like something is disconnected especially when I drive over a bump in the road. I talked about this to my friend who is an auto mechanic in Etobicoke ( Service plus ) through phone. He suggested me to check the sway or stabilizer bar, is this the one which sounds like shaking. Did anyone had any similar experience?

2003 Ford Mustang Base 6 cyl model

I am having some sort of electrical problem. The car will drive fine then out of the blue the ABS light lights up and the radio flashes on and off and the car dies and when it's jumped it runs like crap, then after sitting awhile it ran fine again and until I removed the fuse the map lights on the rear view mirror would stay lit (they light when you open the door its a convertible) Now it wont start again and I had to haveit towed home last night does anyone know what to look for with this issue? Help!

2007 Ford Taurus won't start

When I try to start my car it try VERY slowly to turn over before finally starting. This went on for a week, now today it is just dead. All the lights radio everything works, so i don't think its the battery, plus its only couple months old. It clicks then nothing. Please help. Plus the starter is 1 1/2 years old and the alternator is 8 months old. I don't know if it is anything but I accidently put 5w 30 oil in my car and it says to use 5w 20....

2006 ford Taurus

I try to start my car and it does nothing but the radio lights and all come on. I just installed a new battery and altimator. What is wrong. I can let it sit for about 30 minutes and then it starts right up

Problem with fuel pump

I own a 2001 Ford Ranger with a 3.0 v6 engine and yesterday it had some trouble starting. It turns over and started putting a “Vroom....” sound. I don't recognize what happened. I opened out the bonnet and checked whether is there is any wire fused or not. But I didn't notice any mistake. So, today morning I took my car to a nearby car repair service centre and they found the issue was with the fuel pump. That's why the engine was not starting. Has anyone had any such similar experience?

high revs when depressing clutch - ford focus zetec 1.8 1998

On starting up from cold revs are about 1200 revs, if I put the car in first to move off the revs go high 2500 when clutch is depressed but drop to about a 1000 revs when gear engaged, this happens throughout the gear range, especially while the engine is warming up. Once warmed up this action still happens but revs not so high when clutch is depressed. I have checked for vacuum leaks but can find none and clutch is ok. sometimes I can be in 5th gear whilst doing 30 mph whilst not touching the throttle. Any help would be appreciated.

2004 Focus - Not starting

I acquired a 2004 ford focus last week that has very low miles on it and has been maintained well. Yesterday and this morning, the car would not start and the engine light came on; however, a jump start resolved the problem, temporarily. Any ideas what may be causing this problem?

mercury villager 2000 air conditioner

Trying to locate the orfice for the air conditioner has front and rear air need to change it built too much pressure on high pressure hose believe its plugged up and need to change also will I need to run somthing through the line to clean it out. You might ask how I know that it built up too much pressure on the high end well it blew up the high
pressue line.

1993 Mercury Cougar XR-7 Turn Signal & Brake Light Issues?

My wife's 1993 Mercury Cougar XR-7 has been having turn signal and brake light issues. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. I've replaced the side signal switch,Column Switch or turn signal switch as I call it. It's also called a Multifunctional Switch. The tune up shop also changed the thermal switch under the dash. I took her car for a test drive after replacing the turn signal switch and it worked for about 2 minutes and quit working again. What happens is the turn signals quit working inside and outside of the car. The rear window brake light still works and the right side brake light also works. All the fuses are good. One of the shops told me that if the rear window brake light is on and working when the turn signals don't work, it's the thermal switch. OK, so I tried that! Put the new switch in and it didn't work so I put the old one back in and it worked just fine. About 10 minutes later the signal light and brake lights quit working again. I have no where to go from here. The shops want to replace the whole steering column now for big $$$. Any help would be greatly appreciated here!

96 ford mustang brake fluid in steering

I let my dad borrow my car & it had a power steering leak. He fixed it, but he used brake fluid to fill it. Is this a big problem or should I have my power steering drained & filled.

13 ford mustang

I have a V6 mustang. I caught a deer on the underbody of the car. a couple of days later my check engine light came on Got I checked out and said the throttle control sensor is loose or damaged. My question is where is the throttle control sensor is located? and is there any other places I need to troubleshoot? Thanks

Tail light removal

How to remove the taillight housing to replace a bulb?
2004 Ford Taurus SE Rear Liftgate Station wagon

seat covers

how do i remove the headrest on the 2001 mustang seats?

1993 Mercury Sable Radio Wiring

I'm about to buy a new stereo to replace the original in my 93 Sable and was wondering if anyone had a wiring diagram for the stereo on this make/model. I have 2 wiring harnesses connected to the current original stereo, as well as another connector that is for two blue/red wires. The two connectors have these wires going into them:

Black Connector:

Grey connector:

So basically I'm just trying to figure out the functions of each of these wires. My replacement stereo needs connections for: Amp Turn-on, Illumination, 12v battery, 12v ignition, ground, and +/- for the front left/right and rear left/right speakers. Thanks!

Mercury Sable LS Premium

Just changed my alternator, battery, and crankshaft sensor on my 2004 mercury sable LS. Car ran fine for about 2 days. Won't start after that. I turn the key, and all I get a lot of engine clicking. I hear my fuel pump click on, and all my lights run as well, but the engine doesn't start. Why won't it start?

4.6L DOHC V8 Lincoln

my question is simply this.....i have a lincoln with a 4.6L DOHC InTech 32 valve v8 engine Teksid Aluminum Block apprx 180,000 miles the rest of the car leaves a lot to be desired but the engine runs great always has. what is a realistic asking price for that engine? I know its desirable because I've had some offers I just don't know what its really worth.

2007 Ford Focus wagon rear hatch wiring diagram

Looking for a wiring diagram for the rear hatch lock for a 2007 ford focus station wagon.

Ford Taurus Wont Hold Power Steering

I have a 1998 Ford Taurus. It seems not to hold any power steering fluid I may need a new pump or I may have a busted line. my question to you is can I do the repairs on this myself in how long would it take.

99 mustang gt humming noise

Humming noise, fairly loud, coming from air cleaner housing. Don't know where it is originating from. Cleaned the housing and installed new air filter housing to no avail. Recently installed tps and isp due to inability of car to hold idle. Presently holds idle, but when humming noise is present is only about 300 rpm. Hums most all the time, even before engine has warmed.

P0451 DTC on 2004 Taurus (Vulcan)

My '04 Taurus has about 155K and CEL came on. Code is 0451 FTP (fuel tank pressure sensor)
Since you have to lower the tank to get to the sensor I am trying to do some trouble shooting first.

When I first purchased the car there was a loud "woosh" when you removed the fuel filler cap.
It doesn't do that any more.
I have cleaned the cap and it seems to be OK, fits tight and "clicks" as it should when you tighten it.

I tried putting a piece of cling wrap over the fuel filler. Nothing, no noticable pressure or vacuum at idle.
Something strange: with the filler cap off, a tapping sound coming from inside the tank after idling for a few minutes.
Lasts 5 or 6 seconds, stops for 10 seconds, starts again.

I believe if tank pressure is too high I should get a P0453 code, if pressure is too low, P0452
I don't seem to have any pressure or vacuum and I'm getting P0451
Any help would be appreciated. JayKay aka John

Re: Brake Fluid in vacuum Booster

brake fluid generally will not damage the diaphragm of the booster. It may damage the metal in the booster. One of the reasons they use brake fluid in brakes is that it won't damage the rubber in the brake system. (well, that and the higher boiling temp) But, brake fluid is hygroscopic, in that it attracts and absorbs water. So things will start to rust up and get corroded. Just get out what you can.

Re: Ford focus 05 battery light

you may want to check the wire that goes from the alternator to the starter. It may have too much resistance. run a jumper along with the existing wiring and see if that takes care of your problem.

Mercury cougar 1997 xr7

Windshield washer Pump is good its new.
May relay module? Where is it located?

Mercury Cougar XR7 1997 washers not working

My Mercury 1997 CougarXR7 the windshield washer not working check fuse is ok.

Re: Expedition with pulsing rumble strip noise when turning

I do not feel it through the brake peddle. It is felt through the steering wheel and under the front floor area on left and right sides. The car got new continental tires about a year ago.

Re: 2006 ford Taurus Idle High

sounds like you have two problems. 1. high idle 2. trans slip or not changing gears and now no trans engagement. High idle, I would look for a vacuum leak. (check pcv valve vacuum circuit) but, that's all secondary if you can't even drive the car. If your transmission won't go into any gear you probably will have to change or rebuild your trans. Check to make sure your transmission fluid is full. trans fluid should look red. Not dark brown or black. And it should not smell burnt. but, usually when Taurus transmissions no longer go into any gear they will need to be replaced


I have a 2002 Lincoln Town Car ... It seems that the gas tank is not venting and eventually collapses inward and the car stalls out ... and the gas station attendants can not add more than about 6 or 7 gallons before it kicks off ...3 mechanics thus far, including a Lincoln dealer, have not been able to fix ... they tell me they get no 'codes' ... one told me to drive without the gas cap so it will be able to vent ...

anyone ever had this type of problem? .... I am in the Ramsey, NJ area if anyone knows a mechanic good with Lincolns ...[/color]

Re: 1993 Mercury Sable - Turn Signals Not Working

have you tried replacing the flasher? Behind left side of the dash above the fuse block

Re: 2004 Taurus car won't start! HELP!!!!

It tries to start when I turn the key. I smell gas when I'm trying to start it, so I'm assuming it's getting gas. The lights come on when you turn the key on, dash lights also. However, the theft dash light comes on when I try to start it, not sure if it's always done that.

2001 ford taurus trans leak

tranny leaking by torque converter area could a plugged filter cause the tranny to leak replaced the seal behind torque converter still leaking

1992 Mercury Topaz vapor lock

I have a merc topaz 96, v6 and when its been running for about an hour it shuts down on hot days. it has fuel injection my mech said might be vapor lock and have to wait an hour in shade to start up again. im an old veteran and live in the Mojave desert gets hot when waiting for it to cool down. can it be anything other than vapor lock??

Town Car A/C not working

2001 Lincoln Town Car - A/C stopped working. Replaced fan, still not working. Nothing comes out. Check fuses also. Any ideas?

Re: zx2 at idle makes a sound like a constant tone

try using a stethoscope and listen to the compressor. clutch bearing my be making noise. compressor may be making a slightly different noise engaged. idler pulley, tensioner pulley the make a whirring to rumbling sound when they are getting worn. Take the belt off and start up the engine for just a few seconds. if the noise is gone shut the engine off and spin the pulleys by hand. a bad pulley will make the noise when you spin them by hand

Ford Focus High idle, stalls, battery light on

I hope someone can give me an idea whats wrong with my car. I have an 02 Ford Focus zx3, for a little while my car has been jerking back and forth while I'm driving down the road but only on occasion and just for a second or two. But now it has started to idle high even after its warmed up. Its been idling between 1200 and 2100 RPM's. It also has started to stall when I stop at a stop sign or light and the battery light came on a few days ago but it goes out if the RPMs are above 2000. The battery is less than 6 months old and so is the alternator but I went ahead and did a load test on the battery. The battery tested good. I checked the alternator with a voltmeter at the battery, its charging around 15v. I have checked for any loose or cracked vacuum hoses with no luck. The check engine light has not come on so I don't have any codes to point me in the right direction. Thanks for any constructive input.

Re: Ford Taurus auto trans issues?

when does the shifting problem occur and what does it do? shift hard, slip, go in and out of gear? is it every shift or only at highway speed? you may want to have the trans scanned for codes or pending codes. It may not even be a trans issue if you are having a misfire it could jerk the vehicle under light loads at highway speed.

1999 Mustang GT Coil Pack Keeps Blowing Out

I've been having an issue with the coil pack (#6 cylinder) that keeps burning up with each new one I replace. I replaced the 2 prong pigtail connectors already, and just replaced with a new coil again today and it blew out instantly. Any help with this would be much appreciated. I'd like to see if it is something simple I could repair at home before having to take it in. Thank you

Fuel injector question

96 ford thunderbird lx 4.6 engine v8. Could one bad fuel injector cause my engine to shut off when put in drive or reverse but only when the engine is warm?

HELP! What could be causing this?

I have a 1996 ford thunderbird lx. 4.6 engine. When I start my car the engine runs fine but as soon as the engine is warm and I put the car in drive it dies right away even when put in reverse. I have replaced coils spark plugs wires. When computer is hooked up it reads cylinder 3 misfire. What could be causing this?

transmission gear problem- 1998 ford mustang

98 Ford Mustang V6 3.8L, last few weeks gears are harder to change, & throw out barrins are whistleing Then went to reverse out driveway & was stuck in reverse finally turned car off and then put it into gear and it was so hard to change gears... Couldnt drive car for like an hour went to try again and it was like it never happened! Drove fine yesterday and most of today then this evening same problem again? I had a couple ppl tell me if it was the cllutch it would just drop to floor when you mashed the gear but thats not the case! Then this evening on way to leave I see this long hair like stuff coming from exhaust? Please help, Im really confused nd dont have any men around for advice without trying to take advantage of the fact that im a female! Thanks so much!

Sun loosened dash

On a 2001 Ford Taurus the dash is loose for about 24" in front of the steering wheel. I can clamp it down but need to know what kind of glue to use that will hold it down when the clamps come off. I thought about both 2 part epoxy or construction glue. Ideas please.

fuel tank cleaning

How do you clean a gas tank on a 1993 ford festiva?

2005 ford free star

How to change spark plugs

1996 Cougar electrical problems

1996 xr7 cougar drivers seat,trunk release do not work and head lights flicker. Are these all related to same problem?Also does the trunk have a relay switch in it I left it over winter in storage and when I went to get it out it would not start and there was a clicking noise in the trunk? Thank you

Mercury villager 2000 Rough idle white smoke

Now that I got my van to start again an old problem that hadn't showed it ugly head until I cleaned and repaired oil leaks and cleaned trottle body. When starting in cold weather it idles rough and exhaust is white also a very bad oder is present from the looks of it I have a coolent leak I determined that it could be one of these bad head gasket , cracked head or egr spacer plate how do I pin point the problem ? Noticed that intake manifold and egr ports had more than just light carbon when cleaned.

Car makes fast clicking noise and doesn't start

I cannot get my mother's 2003 tarus to start.The lights come on and normal alarms.The battery cables are making good connection.It makes a fast clicking noise when trying to start.I guessed it is either the alternator or starter,but I am not a mechanic. Thanks

05 mustang gt battery draw, batt dies after charging 12hs

I own a mustang gt and was in a driver side radiator core support, new upper apron new hood and new fender and headlight! I recently noticed I have a bad battery draw, I would charge it overnight on 2amps and it would go from 12.8v to 9.8v just being hooked up in hrs and my alternator works fine .....the only way I know how to diagnose this type of electrical problem is to disconnect the neg. battery, put a test light or multimeter on eithet/both neg. ends (batt and the battery clamp while having them separated) then star pulling fuses, relays and connectors until the light goes out or gets very dimm (test light that is)......due to memory I know a small glow is acceptable! Is there an easier, faster or different was to find a draw. I have a genisys scan tool and everything seems normal, no engine light and all moniters pass but I have 3 codes that will keep coming back KOEO and I'v been getting these same three codes for years now so i dont think they have anything to do with the problem........They are B 2477 (2) If I remember correctly they have to do with not being calibrated with my cars vin and or no controller ID for the radio (audio) and the other is a 3rd upper brake light failure (gem/ctm) which I believe is due to not having a bulb in the socket because of a ducktail spoiler which covers the light anyway so I took it out. Can anyone help me? Also what is an acceptable draw 350 milli amps? What else can cause a draw besides something being left on a broken part or a pinched wire or bad alternator? Sorry for the long question but the more info the better...... Follow up question is the stock grounds enough I.e ground strap from engine to fire wall and smaller misc ones or will adding more be a worth while idea? Please help any info is better than none! Tanks -Mike

Radical Clicking Solenoid Ford Expedition

I have a 2000 Expedition. It has a radical clicking, so I replaced the solenoid and that didn't change anything. So I removed the starter and bench tested it and that ran fine. I noticed that when I would connect the small wire to the solenoid that's when the clicking would start and smoke from the battery negative terminal. So something is grounding out? How do I go about finding the source of the problem. Also where do the wires go to from the battery and from the solenoid so I can trace them?

1994 ford mustang input speed sensor

I have 94 mustang. My code reader said engine speed input circuit malfunction. What dose it mean?

1986 Mercury Grand Marquis keeps stalling, HELP!

My 1986 Mercury Grand Marquis has been quitting on me right as soon as I slow down. I've already had a new module installed around this time last year and since then I've had a new water pump, a coil (blk box located under hood on left side of car), new gas tank, gas tank floater, new alternator, new a/c, new thermostat, new fuel filter and new fuel pump. I have had a time with this car for the last 2 months. It's been a chain reaction of car failure. A week ago I had the fuel filter and fuel pump changed and the next day I was going up hill and had to stop (because of road work) and it just all of a sudden died, no spitting or sputter or anything - just plain out died and would not start. I waited about 15-20 mins. and the car started right up and drove home. Well, went down the road this morning and had to slow down because of red light and then car just plain out died on me and never started. It'll crank, but wouldn't start! I had the car towed to the garage and about 1-2 hours later I went to the garage to see if it would start and it started right up, so, I just left it there and explained everything to the mechanic. Seems like it's acting the same way it did when the fuel pump went out the first time. I had traveled a long way in the car and going up hill it died and then had to have it towed home and next day it started right up and drove it around a couple of days until it finally wouldn't start at all. Had fuel pump put in and first trip down the road it did the same ol' thing AGAIN...Please help if anybody knows what's going on with my car.

2001 mustang V6 abs issue

hello all!! :)
so quick breakdown, my 2001 mustang v6 has it's abs light on, the traction control and cruise do not work.
i took it to a mechanic and the 1st didn't have a clue and said to maybe take to ford.
i decided to take to a napa garage and sure enough he said the abs control module was toast.
so i got quoted out and $1100 was the cheapest, however i found a used one on a mustang that had an interior fire so i bought that for $100. i took it back to the mechanic and he installed it but the abs and cruise and traction still are not working, i'm now $600 down and still with the problem....HELP ME before this car becomes a nightmare money pit!! :o
Thanks in advancem :P

cross reference on transmission of ford ranger 2005.

I need a simple automatic transmission for ford ranger 2005 but I do not know what other cars I can get that transmission.
you will be able to give me a cross reference to the transmission?
The engine is the 3.0
and automatic transmission is not 4x4.

i ask to de yonkyard but not told me what vehicles have the same transmission.

replace outlet heater hose pipe

1999 ford windstar 4 inch tube connected to manifold which connects to heater hose how to replace

How do you test a electronic module?

I have a Mercury Villager estate 2000 I was getting some help from my son to put on new distributor and was about to move it the ignition swithch was on and electrical sparks flew everywhere from my hand to the distributor anyway it looked like the 4th of July I have never had this happen before but now I think that the new moduel is burned up is there anyway to test it.

2003 Ford Taurus The engine will not rev to more than 4k rpm

2003 Ford Taurus 3.0 6cyl.
I first noticed that when using passing gear it would jump in and out of passing gear. I then noticed that in park or neutral I could not get the engine to rev to more than 4000 rpm & when I rev it to 4k it shudders. I have changed the spark plugs and the fuel filter to no effect. I have no idea where to go from here. I have been told that the rev limiter might be bad, but I can't find any info on that, and I am more inclined to think it might be the PCM? I had the codes checked and it is not showing any. The check engine light is not on. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Shelby GT500 check engine code P1238

Can anyone tell me the likely problem with my 2009 Shelby GT500 that throws the code P1238? It seems to miss a little once in a while now also.
Forgot to mention this, The code translates as "Secondary Fuel System Fault" I replaced the secondary fuel system relay and went ahead and changed the fuel filter while I was at it. I cleared the code and it still seems to want to stutter every once in a while.


How do I get my 1992 Ford Tempo to start ?

The car has gas.
The car will crank.
There is spark.

I tried : pumping the accelarator while turning key. No result
I tried : turning key to allow the gas to be pumped into the engine ten times.
No result.
I tried : Letting the car sit for 2 hours then tried to start it . No result.

What do you recommend. Send reply to XXXXXXX.XXX

mustang gt rear wheels problem?

I have a 2006 Mustang GT and just had the left rear wheel bearing replaced. They also rotated and aligned the tires. Since I got it back if you are at a dead stop and start off turning either right or left, the back wheels seem like they aren't turning at first and it sort of skids and jerks the car until you get going. What could this be?

Mercury Cougar Clutch

How bad is it to change clutch in 2002 Mercury Cougar 4-cyl. Does the engine need to be pulled???

Just Wondering

Is this site live?, I mean are people able to communicate in "real time??" :|

Replaced Serpentine Belt '97 ford Escort now wont Run??

Hello,I need HELP Please...'97 ford escort serpentine belt broke,I replaced it... Now it Turns over-But Wont Start/Run??*****Update on this situation*****After Inspecting closely,I noticed that when the belt broke,it got wrapped around the crankshaft,and "became a weedwacker" so-ta-speak,I found it had Wacked the "Crankshaft Position Sensor"... pain in the ^$#$ to replace...NOW she Should FIRE-UP...To my Unbelief " NO" spins over but dont run...I tell ya this,I do know for sure;We've had this car for many yrs,it's been a good one,and Still is{i hope} My EAR "is" TUNED to any engine{my Father was a hellova mechanic,rest his soul} not me,just Basics & a Good ear,Can tell when something's Not right...My 'piont is this**when the engine spins over w/key,it sounds like :? Either:no compression 'like the Valves wasn't working: or something is dragging/hanging up...its hard to put in Words,what it Sounds like,"Just its NOT Normal" Long Winded'yes,but these things Ya Need to Know,Right?,Ok,so I took the 3bolts out of the Valve Cover-Spun it over to SEE "if" Timming belt broke{just a thought}..Valves where funtioning Checked for FUEL/FIRE, OK on both???So WHY will it Not start?,checked all fuses/ok..I'm old, disabled,But Not recieving disability YET in prosess of fighting the SSA..So money is Non existant..So far its been 17.00 for belt and 22.00 for the CSPS..The car "is" in tight shape...thats why this is Very crazy?? I left our house got 'bout a mile away and i heard{flapity-flapity-flapity} I "thought" a Tire was comming appart,so i pulled over-got out was looking at the 'front tires'{my Tuned Ear heared it from front} Then the motor'just died' I pop the hood, saw the serpentine wrapped all around the crank...said a few foul words,and had the car towed home...Now You Know-as Paul H. would say:The Rest of the Story..If You know please help..Thank You in advance.

ford taurus radio dont work after replacing the battery

i but a new battery in my 1999 ford taurus n now the raido dont work at all

1997 mercury sable won't heat up

i've been told if only one heater hose is hot then the heater core is clogged.what if both hoses never get hot .what could be the problem?

1997 Mercury Sable Has no heat

both heater hoses to the heatercore never get hot.

2003 ford taurus No power to starter relay

Acident damaged fuse box under the hood, high speed fan relay, ac clutch relay, pcm, and power relay. Was able to replace relays but no power to solenoid. Took transmission shift solenoid out tested good. Tested wire from switch that goes to starter solenoid and tested good for current but no current in wire from under hood.

2001 Ford Taurus Anti Theft Light Flashes, then Dies

I have a 2001 Ford Taurus, Today while driving in the rain my car started flashing the theft light and then it stalled and just cut off. The steering wheel locked and the brakes did also. After I sat for a little while it cranked back up, I made a little bit down the road and when it got to another stop light it cut off. Well I left it parked for a good 8hours and tried it again and about 20min later it did the same what could be the problem..please tell me. someone told me it could be electric

2001 ford mustang gt code P0306 Engine Misfire

Hi p0306 check engine light on. Dealer says # 6 cylinder misfire and suspect burnt valve. They want 1500 to fix u think it is worth it or can I get cheaper elsewhere? 140,000 miles. Thanks

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