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I have a 2002 Durango 4.7l my problem is I can only drive 50mph pedal all the way to floor. I have checked every sensor and injectors and coils all seem good no codes when scan is run.fuel pressure is good.also when I unhook all odd coils it does not change a thing. when I unhook all the even coils and hook up the odd coils, truck will not start.any advice would be a appreciated

1992 dodge dynasty 3.3L

I am stumped! I have a 1992 dodge dynasty 3.3L and have been working on it all week. I have been searching the net everywhere for 2 days and can not find the fix for this car. So here's the problem a friend was driving along and the car stalled out and it will crank, but will not start back up. I have replaced the ASD, cam and crank sensor, the coil, the computer deal on the passenger side fender wall (sorry cant remember what it was called), checked all fuses and relays under the hood and inside of vehicle. I have looked over all the wires and connectors all seem to be ok. When I turn they key over the oil, fuel, and check gauges light comes on and all go off except the check gauges light stays on. I tried to get codes doing they key switch on and off and it does nothing. I took a cover off of the asd relay and held a metal tester tip to it and the fuel pump will kick on, but still will not start. Theres no spark at the plugs or coil. I tried replacing with new ones also. I was going to order ignition switch next. If anyone could send me in the right direction for this fix (besides taking to a shop or junkyard) I would appreciate it very much. Thanks!

2005 Dodge Ram 1500 Back End Shakeing

I had all brand new Brake and routers put on the front and back and my 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 still Shakes when I put on the brakes I have no clue what's going on dose anybody know anything that can help me?

1999 Dodge Durango 5.2 slt

Last time it started it wouldnt hold an idol, it just died if i let off the gas. Now it wont start at all. I replace the relays, replaced the starter, replaced the battery, I took the spark plugs out, turned the flywheel manually, AND I checked all the fuses(all good every one of them even the hidden). If I put my foot on the break when I turn the key nothing happens the lights in the dash don’t let up there’s no beings nothing happens except for once there was this weird click click click click click coming from the glove box. If I take my foot off the break and turn the key all the lights come on like they’re supposed to the beings happen like they’re supposed to the fuel pump and gauges everything works all the way to the starter clicking on the fly wheel . But it will not start. What the hell is wrong with my Dodge? please if you have any idea I would love to hear it.

Dodge Grand Caravan engine does not start

Dodge Grand Caravan engine does not start


Dodge Grand Caravan 2000 3.0L

After replacing the Rocker Arm the engine ceased to start.

The engine starts if press the accelerator pedal.

It only works at of more than 1500 rpm. It works poorly, shoots.

Then I saw that the poor insulation of the wires on the Fuel Injector.

I wraped wires. The engine began to start and stall.

if press the accelerator pedal the engine starts. works badly, shoots.

the wiper does not work with a delay


Dodge Grand Caravan 2000 3.0L

the wiper does not work with a delay.

When turn on in the first position, the windscreen wiper works once. Then it starts working when turn on the fast position.

But it does not work with a pause.

Washer Switch replaced a new one.

No crank no start

I have a 2003 T and C LX with a 3.3. Wont turn over. My batt. and starter test good have replaced Elc. Ing. switch but not the key switch. Finely get it to start then dies after a few sec. then no crank over. iam at a lost any help would be great . TKS.

96 cirrus won't start

I am stumped. Have a 1996 cirrus 2.5l v6 that has fuel pressure (50lb+/-), has compression, new plugs and wires, new crank sensor, and checked spark on 2,4,6 cylinders (easy to get at) 2 and 6 have spark but not 4 and engine cranks but will not start. Can someone HELP?

2006 Durango 5.7 Hemi rough idle/ETC problem

I have a somewhat common issue 06 Durango 5.7 hemi that has the following codes. It all started while driving and it died all of sudden with a flashing ETC light. It now will start but the rpm jump up and down from 700-1500rpm in any gear with little throttle response. The engine will not get over 1500 rpms driving but it seems the pedal is responding to pushing it but no response. I took it to the dealer and they were confused and said it appeared to be a PCM issue and wanted 2k to fix it. I have replaced the PCM computer from a mopar programmer with vin/mileage and a used throttle body with the same response thinking it was the TPS that was attached to it. I am at a loss and don't want to replace the pedal positioning sensor that's 200$ before dropping another 200$ at another dealer to troubleshoot.

Please help the codes are as follows.

P0520 Oil pressure switch (replaced in July 2017 but the oil pressure light is back on now)

P0335 Crankshaft position sensor (Replaced last month but the code is back on again)

PP2111 Throttle actuator control system (Replaced throttle body same code)

P0642 sensor reference voltage A

P2122 throttle pedal position sensor/switch D

In a similar thread a Dodge mech said to replace the oil pressure switch again since they are on the same harness and can short each other out. does this sound possible and can either of these sensors cause the rough idle and lack of throttle response?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


2003 town and Country driver's side window.

This is weird but I ve had good Luck here. Driver side Power window stuck about 1/2 way up. It wont go any higher. It will , however, go matter which way you toggle the Switch. Being Winter this is sort of important LOL. Is this a Switch Problem? Rest of the Cluster works fine

4-wheel drive

2005 Dodge Ram 1500, 4-wheel drive gear shift has no resistance, feels like it's not connected to anything, unable to get truck out of 4-wheel drive. Help!

2001 Dodge Stratus ES 2.7L Keeps Blowing IAC Valves

I've got a 2001 Dodge Stratus ES 2.7L which I purchased new. The check engine light came on recently and although the car still runs just fine, the error code indicated that it was the Idle Air Control Valve (IAC). Not wanting to spend the $169 for the part that the garage I brought my car to wanted to charge me, I decided I'd rather just change it myself as it's easily accessible and only held on by two bolts, as well as being able to clear the code once the problem is gone.

I went to the auto parts store and picked on up (AC333), but after installing it the car wouldn't run. When I pulled it back out, it was obvious that the part was defective as the brass cap on the end was extended by about 1/4" and the spring was exposed. I put the old IAC back in and returned the part to the auto parts store where they agreed the part clearly was defective.

I next went to a boneyard and pulled an IAC out of another 2001 Stratus I found there. The car didn't like that one either, idling a bit high (around 1200 rpm) and when the engine was reved to around 2000 rpm, there was a hesitation of 3-5 seconds after I took my foot off the gas before the idle would come down again. After 3 days of running the car with that one with no improvement, I took that one back out and put the original one back in.

I then ordered one from an auto parts dealer off of eBay (AC165, which is a replacement for AC333). When it arrived, I installed it in a warm engine, and that that one did the trick, as it brought the idle down to around 650 rpm, and the engine responded properly when I took my foot off the gas. Then next morning though, I was surprised to find the engine wouldn't idle when first started. I had to keep my foot on the gas for a few minutes until the engine warmed up. Then the engine would stall out when I stopped at lights, and even stalled when I took my foot off the gas on the highway. So, it seemed I'd gotten another defective IAC. After I managed to get back home, I took that one out and put the old one back in and the engine runs fine again, other than the check engine light coming on and refusing to be cleared.

So, my question is could there be something other than the IAC that is causing the problem, like an incorrect voltage being sent that has affected these other IAC's, or are these replacement IAC's that are made in Mexico not made to the same specifications that the original IAC's were made to...?

2014 Grand Caravan Radio doesnt work

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I have a 2014 Grand Caravan. 2 months ago the radio started cutting in and out. After awhile it stopped working all together. 


the clock still shows the time


CDs still work and has sound


AUX still works and has sound


radio display still works and I can change stations BUT NO SOUND (both FM and AM)



I pulled the radio out and there are 2 connections. One a cluster of wires and one a single 90 degree bent wire (Antenna I assume).

I took the clips off and disconnected the wire to check if it was dirty but it looked clean. If I wiggled it and held it in a particular way I would hear the radio playing but as soon as I let it go it would stop. I then tried to bend the little teeth inside the wire that came from the dash to see if it was just loose but again it wouldn't work without holding it, or pushing it to the side. 


Is there any easy fix to this?  

removing Fuel tank 03 Chrys T&C

Ok, I ve got the Staps off, the lines loose and its just sitting there...PLastic tank. I have a leak on the TOP side of the tank. Is there any way to access it from the trunk from above? Failing that... How the Heck do you get it to Drop out?

Thanks in Advance

turn signal bulbs

Stupid question - when changing the turn signal bulbs on a 1978 Dodge B200 van, what is the difference (if any) between an 1157 and a 1016 bulb?

Is this a Chrysler Town & County Touring ?

Please can someone help me by telling me if this mini van is a Chrysler Town & County Touring? ?Thank u

2011 Dodge Journey R/T push button start

After going thru a nightmare with the pushbutton start on my 2011 Dodge Journey R/T, I'm wondering how hard it would be to revert back to the good old key ignition. Thanks for any thoughts, Steve

t&c will not accelerate

After jump start, 2008 T&C will not accelerate

2006 Chrysler Sebring FWD rear tires locked

So the car I got has been sitting in the same spot and hasn't physically moved in like 2 or 3 months. I got it tagged and titled today so I was going to move it closer to the house to clean it up and when I tried, both rear tires would move very slightly. Maybe a half inch and then locks and slides instead of rotating. I had the e-brake up the entire time since it was sitting on a slight incline. I was doing some research into and it may be the e brake line may be a little rusted and may give way. So I tried giving it some movement back and forth to try to free it but it didn't do much. I also saw that the brake shoe may be rusted onto the brake pad since I had the e-brake on the entire time and was wondering what you have in mind in terms of what may be the reasoning they aren't giving and rotating and maybe the resolution to the issue.

Dodge intrepid overheating

My intrepid is overheating when I drive it for to long it stop on me and don't start for about 30-45 minutes can someone tell me what's wrong and is it fixable..?

Re: 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan stutters

what was the reasoning behind changing each one of those parts?

are the plugs and wires in really good condition? (changed recently)

you should scan your van and see if there are any codes. See if there are any p0300 series codes. lean or rich codes. Then see if you can find someplace that you can drive the vehicle with the scanner on when it acts up. It could be either a fuel problem, running too lean or it could be a secondary ignition problem.

Look at your fuel trims when it's acting up. Are they adding fuel? Does the injector pulse width go way up? (starving for fuel)

check for excessive back pressure in the exhaust.

crank or cam sensor codes? Bad sensor, sensor connection, wiring rubbing through anywhere?

Re: Dodge Transmission valve body question

I am not a tranny expert but...

it could be the valve bore is worn. it could also be debris in the fluid. The thing to check is drop the pan and see if there is debris in the pan. If you have debris in the pan you're probably looking at an replacement tranny. If there isn't much debris then a valve body replacement may take care of your trans. Depending on the year and stuff you may need a solenoid pack too.

temperature makes a difference in the fluid viscosity and also changes the clearances between the metal parts.

Check for trans TSB's for your year make and model. there are some that you check the production numbers for.

no power to coil and fuel pump, no start

1992 dodge Dakota 3.9 just stopped while driving. New coil, new crank sensor and cam sensor. I'm not getting NO power to coil or fuel pump.


hello! sorry for the vague title, but the forum would not let me post my actual question because it was apparently too close to existing topics. i own a 2004 pt cruiser and need to order some oem front suspension bushings for it. the car has over 130k on it and i have never changed them, so i want to do the whole group of them in one shot. my normal site. does not have them all in stock, and i want to order them all from one place to cut down on shipping costs. does anyone else have a good oem part site to order from?

many thanks!

What part is it Dodge Durango

Hello. I have a 2006 dodge durango, 4.7 liter. I drove it 5 miles and the temperature gauge shot up.Got it home and it started spewing coolant.It's coming from the casing behind the thermostat housing. Not sure what part it is or what caused it to leak. It's on the passenger side of engine. Has a pulley on it. It's my daily driver. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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