2000 Gmc/Sierra 1500 2WD. Engine size = 4.8L.
Work done prior = changed rear rotors and pads.
Question = I have a 2000 Gmc Sierra and I recently noticed my abs was not working, and my
abs light is not on. I went to buddy's house and hooked my truck up to a tech 2 computer and its
pulling a code. It says the pump is stuck open. But to get back to light issue, I replaced the
gauges when I bought the truck 2 years ago cause the temp gauge was not working.

I've checked the dash lights in the gauge itself, all the fuses, and also put the old set of gauges
back in the truck to see if the light would come on and it didn't. With the new gauges in it now,
when you turn the key to the on position you get no abs light or air bag light.
Please help.

OK. For the code- that may be the module/motor itself is bad.
For the lights, the lights are controlled by logic inside the cluster that receives info on the data
line  going into the cluster. The logic decides what to do with that data. The data wire itself must
be good or you would have more lights inop, and communication codes between modules. You
may have a corroded splice pack.

The splice pack in where all the modules data lines come together in a single splice, then go to
the cluster. Either a problem in that splice, pertaining to the
ABS and SIR data wires into it, or a
problem with the data wires from each module going to the splice. Odds are the problem is in
the splice pack- that is the common point.
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GMC Sierra ABS Pump Stuck