2006 Chevy Impala.

Question = My 2006 Chevy Impala with the 3.5l v-6 has no heat. Especially when sitting at an idle. I
checked the
antifreeze, and it was low. I dont see any leaks on the ground. I had a pressure check
done, but they did not find anything. Can you help, it is quite cold by me this time of year.
Thanks for any help.

Thank you for your tip/donation.
The first thing would be to have a cooling pressure system test done to see why you are  low on
coolant. Low coolant will cause air pockets, and that is the most likely cause of no  heat in the car,
as long as the engine temp. is up to normal.

Some common areas are of course water pump, hoses, coolant pipes.
There is a technical service bulletin on this car for
no heat at idle. There is a procedure  to remove
air pockets that could be done. I will send that to you in a moment. The problem with this bulletin, is
where did the coolant go to begin with. We have seen  several of the 3.5l, and 3,9l engine have
leaking head gaskets causing this condition.  There are several places that are common for them to
leak. I will send a picture of these  areas, so you can check it out yourself.

If you need more assistance, just let me know, JK
Once again, thank you for your tip/dontaion.

Problem with my 2004 Chevrolet Impala SS.
Engine size: 3.8 SC
Water pump was leaking-replaced. Replaced thermostat also.
Question: The hard plastic "L" (bypass)tube that goes from the intake/supercharger base to the
support bracket for the Idler pulley and P/S pump(or is it the timing cover) has a leaking O-ring. What
is the best way of replacing? Removing the supercharger/intake,or pulling the whole front of the
engine apart (water pump,a/c,p/s,etc). Or is that support bracket that the Anti-freeze passes through
just bolt on piece and not part of the timing cover. Thanks in Advance,Dan
Yes, what are you describing is known as a coolant 'elbow'. The bracket that it goes into does come
off of the engine and is not part of the timing cover. It's a fairly easy repair. You'd have to remove the
serpentine belt, alternator, and associated bolts/brackets, and then it just pulls out of the tensioner
bracket and lower intake manifold. Make sure mating surfaces are clean and use a bit of lubricant on
the o-rings before installation of the 'elbow'. Once everything is back in place, fill with coolant and
check for leaks. Should be ok after that.
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2006 Chevy Impala No Heat At Idle