Problem with my 1999 chevy malibu 3.1
Repairs done prior = replaced engine about 1100 miles prior.

Question = I have a electrical smell when I turned on the heater blower motor, it works but it
smelled, after awhile the smell went away, the vehicle had not been used for about 2 weeks, is it
time to replace the motor and is it easy to replace, I have knowledge of cars. More than a back
yard mechanic.

It very well could be the motor is going out, something is stuck in the fan cage, the resistor is
starting to burn up(very common), or possibly drawing air/smell from outside the car/under hood.
The blower is not very difficult. Under the passenger side of the dash, 3 bolts. The resistor is
more difficult. Next to the blower, closer to the firewall. The bolt(s) that are up against the firewall
are difficult to get to. You need a 5.5mm universal to help make a little easier.

2002 Chevy Malibu.
Question = My AC will work when I have it set for fresh air but when I set it to recirculate I can
only run the fan on 1 or it will shut down. Is there a cabin air filter on this vehicle that may be
clogged and causing this problem.

I need a little more info.
Do you mean the fan only runs on speed 1, and not any other?
Does the fan run on all speeds, just no airflow?
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Smell In The Vents- Chevrolet Malibu