Problem with my 2008 Chevy Captiva 2.4L engine.
Change of windshield wiper motor
Question: i brought my Chevrolet Captiva 2WD gas,with 34,000km mileage, automatic, last July 26
to a local chevy service center for change of damaged right side-view mirror. I was informed that
they will also replace the motor gasket and spark plugs although my next regular service is still
2000km away.

I consented for the repairs. August 2, i was informed that my car was ready for pick-up. I did just
that. After driving 5 kms away in slow traffic (30km/hr), I heard a loud hissing sound like a tire
bursting followed by an explosion in the right front side which jolted me and the people in front of
my car. I stop the vehicle with the motor still running. Suddenly a thick dark smoke was coming out
under the hood and the people around my car was yelling asking me to get out of the car. I killed
the engine and got out of the car only to find out that fire had started to engulf my engine. I
noticed too that there was gasoline dripping underneath the engine which eventually caught fire. It
was very fast that in a few minutes the car was totally consumed.

My car was only serviced regularly by authorized chevy service center, i never had any major
engine problem in the past, i had not installed any accessories and there was no accident when
the event occurred.

I would like to know your expert opinion on the possible cause of fire. How can a relatively new,
well maintained car, suddenly explode and burn totally without any antecedent cause except for
the mentioned service which were done by the local chevy center.
I appreciate your response because this can happen to any Captiva owner out there. Thanks.
\WOW. I am glad everyone is OK. Have not heard of any fire problems on the Chevy Captiva. A service
bulletin and recall search has shown there are 2 recalls that may or may not apply to your vehicle. One
is for a possible power steering leak, and the other for a short circuit in the generator. A call to your
local dealer with the VIN # would show if yours is involved in either.

It is also POSSIBLE that during the work that was done, the Technician may have accidentally disturbed
something or installed something incorrectly to cause this. An investigation to the cause would be
needed to determine this.
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2008 Chevy Captiva Caught On Fire After Engine Repairs