2001 Chevrolet Silverado 4.3L Vortec.
Repairs= replaced park neutral switch.
Question = I just replaced the park neutral safety switch,turned the ignition and shifted the
transmission.I found that the
transmission would not shift into all the gears.I looked at the gear
shift arm on the side of the transmission and discovered that I put it on upside down.

I flipped it back and now I can shift the truck from park into drive without touching the brake and
the truck will not start. Before I change the switch the truck started. What did I break and how do
I fix it?   Please help me. Thank You.
When you say that you put the cable arm on backwards, do you mean that it was just a
matter of turning it to put it on properly, or that it was on in the wrong clock position- such as
turned 180 degrees from the proper location?
I put the arm on backwards,arm pointing down. When I put the arm on correctly it
changed the clock position slightly,but not close to 180 degrees. Thanks for your reply.
OK. A few things. First be sure to check these
B/U LPS- 25 amps, in the underhood fuse box.
BTSI- 10 amps, in underhood fuse box.

Check the electrical connector at the neutral switch. These are good for melting. You would
have known that because it would have been really difficult to remove from the original switch.
Even if that is not the case, unplug it and check to make sure none of the terminals on the
switch or connector are bent or spread apart.

If all this checks out OK, I would bet that the neutral switch is damaged internally. This may
have just blown one of the fuses above, and/or ruined the switch. With the arm on incorrectly,
it is very possible that the travel of the arm being incorrect may have caused the switch to
overextend internally.

Also, this switch is adjustable since the mounting bolt holes in the switch are oblong. This may
not be your problem, just a little heads up when you get it back to proper working order.  A way
to check the adjustment is to put it in reverse and see if the reverse lights come on. But this
may not be possible with the problems you have now.
JK, just wanted to let you know that the neutral switch was bad. Replaced switch and truck
started right up. Now I need to research why my
READINESS MONITORS won't run their diagnostics,even though I have performed several
drive cycles. The monitors were my original problem,so I thought my original neutral switch,
that wasn't showing the proper gear the truck was in,might be the problem. What do think?  
Thank You very much for your help.      Don.
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2001 Silverado Neutral Switch Replacement