1998 Chevy Blazer. Replaced intake gaskets.

question = I recently replaced intake gaskets and all gaskets with intake (throttle body, distributor,
upper and lower intake). When I started the Blazer idle was fine, I revved the engine and still
seemed fine. I went for a drive and after reaching operating temperature the engine would not rev
up. If you rev slowly you can rev fine, if you rev fast will not take fuel and sounds like popping
through air cleaner. The check engine light came on and showed bank 1 and bank 2
O2 sensors
low voltage. Got any ideas?
You may have gotten some debre on the sensors while doing the work. Plug wires not in the correct
firing order. Vacuum leak.

May have left something unplugged or
blew a fuse.
Low fuel pressure would also cause this. Possible timing chain jumped time, or distributor not in exact
same location as previous.
How to Replace Intake Manifold 3400 V6
I am replacing the 3400 V6 intake gasket and need to know the torque(ft/lbs) and
torque pattern for the intake.  Also, are there any tips you have to prevent coolant
leaks from reoccurring on the intake

1991 chevy z71 Engine= 350
Repairs= new pick up coil,spark plugs.
Question = truck cranks will not start, getting fuel and spark, set crank to 0, pulled distributor cap
and button is pointing at #1,when cranking step on the gas and it pops through the TBI. Need some
help, I'm thinking stretched timing chain ?
This could be a stretched timing chain, or it may have jumped a tooth. Usually if it has done that, the
distributor rotor would not be pointing quite at number 1 cylinder when it should be. You could have a
flat cam, or worn lifters, or both. The older trucks were known for that at times. You say you're getting
fuel, but make sure you have proper fuel pressure. It should be around 10-13psi. A clogged fuel filter
can cause low pressure and low volume, so check that too. Also, if you have a plugged catalytic
converter, that can cause popping and backfiring since the exhaust pressure has no where to go.
Could be a broken distributor, too. I'd start with the easy stuff to check first like fuel pressure, etc,
and go from there
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1998 Blazer Has No Power After Intake Manifold Gaskets Replaced