2005 Chevy Malibu.
Question = the Malibu is a LS and from what i have read it has electric power steering. It is the
new body style. We have only had it for only a few days. This has happened 2 times with the
steering. The lot i got it from has a tech that is going to look into  what may be going on. Any help
or ideas would help.  THANKS KEVIN !!!

2005 Chevy Malibu.
Dash lights =
Power Steering
GM tech = Any
question = I was driving down the interstate this morning and the power steering message came
up on my dash as my steering tightened up. After I restarted the car it began working again.
Why does my car do this. Is this normal or am I going to need to have something replaced?

First of all, no this is not a normal condition for the electric steering system. The power steering
light and loss of power assist indicates a problem. There are a couple of things that cause this.A
failing sensor in the steering column, a problem in the steering control module, or a voltage
problem between the alternator and ignition coil assembly (a service bulletin applies).Either way,
the system would need to be scanned for computer codes. The stored code(S) is the key to
determine where the problem is.
This system requires a
scanner that can read the power steering module, body control module
and ABS module to diagnose.
There should be codes stored in the steering control module. It would be impossible to guess.
Could be the steering column assembly-which also houses sensors, or a binding steering gear.
There are three types of power steering systems used on passenger vehicles. The first and
most popular is known as power rack-and-pinion steering. It utilizes a power unit built directly
into the rack assembly. When the wheel turns, an internal rotary valve directs the flow of power
steering fluid to the proper end of the power cylinder. The difference in pressure on either side
of this cylinder assists in moving the rack, thereby easing steering. A control valve then returns
excess fluid to the main reservoir.
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2005 Malibu Has No power steering Some Times