2004 Chevy Silverado 1500. ABS light and brake light codes  C0265, C0244 and C0267. My wife
parked my pickup in the garage and the ABS motor mounted on frame rail kept running so i had to
unplug it . I taped on it with a hammer to see if something was stuck but keeps right on
running. Hooked it up to computer.. And those are the codes it gave us.. So what do i look for?

code c0265 is a loss of communication. This is usually cause by a poor ground that is located on
the frame, beneath the dr. side door. This code usually does not cause  the motor to continue to

The other 2 codes are a problem in the brake control module(EBCM), which controls  the motor.
This is your likely problem. If the ground is good, and no corrosion in the ABS connectors, then
most likely the EBCM is faulty.
1999 Chevy Lumina.
When stepping on the brake pedal, getting a clicking sound like a relay is opening and closing. Brakes
work fine. Remove fuse for ABS and clicking stops. Replace fuse and it starts again. Is very annoying.
Car belonged to my deceased Dad and wish to sell but can't due to noise.

There is really nothing under the dash
electrically for the
ABS system.
Noises are the hardest to diag. Without actually hearing it. What you may be hearing is a loose gear in
the bottom side of the ABS motor pack. This pack is bolted to the master cylinder under the hood, and
the sound may seem like it is under the dash.

1 of the 3 gears on the bottom of the motor pack may have come loose because of a loose nut. These
gears spin and may be the noise you are hearing. The cover would need to come off to check for that.
Sometimes a tech can remove the cover with everything still bolted together, but it is very tricky, since
the TORX bolts go up from the bottom. May be necessary to remove the ABS assembly to get to it.
Suggest having someone listen to the noise to see if it is in this area when the noise is happening.
Front wheels off the ground with jack stands to simulate car moving.
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Great info....  Much appreciated
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Chevy ABS Codes C0265, C0244 And C0267
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Question: I have a Blazer 01 with a code of c0265 where is this relay so I can replace it.

Mechanic: The ABS relay is internal to the Electronic Brake Control Module (EBCM)  and is not replaceable

What do I need to do....I have other codes as well c0221, co223,c0225,c0226,and c0235 please what must I do?

These are codes for every wheel speed sensor. Sounds like the module- EBCM is bad.

How do I replace this or do I need to take it to some one?

You need a mechanic to replace the part.

Ok thank you for your help.