Problem with my 2003 Chevy Malibu. 3800 V6.
Question = Ignition will not turn, acts like it is stuck Chevy Malibu 2003?

Sounds like the ignition lock cylinder is bad and needs to be replaced. The cylinder is also the
sensor for the security system.
You could try to spray a little WD-40 in the cylinder, and work the key in and out, turn it back and
forth. Sometimes that will free up the cylinder, but it will still need to be  replaced. Then the theft
re-learn procedure will need to be done.
Click here for replacement information.
Theft / Security Light
The security system on todays cars and trucks prevents the vehicle from  being stolen.
There are many variations of the system going back to the  early 1990's.
This warning could be on when the engine is running, indicating a fault has  been detected in
the system. If left un repaired, there is a good possibility that the car will eventually not start.
Steering Problem on My 2009 Chevy
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like in a parking lot. Going forward gear or backwards does not change the sound. When i
am driving and going around a corner or just pulling into my driveway i hear the noise
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A few Other Chevrolet Malibu Car Questions

Chevy Malibu 1998. V6.
Question: My malibu will crank up but not turn over it will usually start if its warm every once and
a while but when cold stall crank not turn over when I turn the car off recently the ignition won't
turn all the way off so I have to jiggle the drive staff till the key fully  flops over so the car can fully
turn off what could this be.
It sounds like you have a couple different problems going on with your car. The hard starting and
stalling out could be fuel related. Possibly a fuel pump going bad, a fuel pressure regulator leaking.
Colder weather usually makes these type of problems happen more often. With the key not coming
out and having to jiggle it to remove it from the cylinder, you definitely need a new ignition cylinder.
Once that is replaced, you have to do a theft relearn procedure so the car will start.
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Chevy Malibu Won't Crank- Ignition Stuck