2001 Chevy Impala LS. 3.8l 3800 V6
Repairs = Replacement of Ignition Lock cylinder.
Question = my 2001 Chevy Impalas lock cylinder was not allowing me to turn the key.  I Parked my
car and went out to  start it again about an hour and a half later and I was not able to  turn the key.
I installed a new lock cylinder and it will not start. I also noticed that my steering wheel does not lock
anymore.  When I put in the new cylinder I am able to shift the shifter with out Pressing on the brake
pedal.  I put the old cylinder back in and the shifter and brake pedal work normally but car will still
not start so I reinstalled new cylinder.  To make things even worse I cannot turn the key all the way
back to the off position to get the key out. Can you please help me?

OK. Sounds like the original problem was a bad ignition cylinder. After  replacement, the theft system
must be re-learned, or the car will not start.

The other problems sound like the cylinder is not installed correctly in the  ignition switch. If not
indexed properly with ignition switch, this can cause the shifter and not being able to turn key all the
way to off. Or possible a damaged  ignition switch. Try removing the cylinder, and use a screw driver
in the ignition  switch to check the functions of the shifter problem. Turn the inside of the  ignition
switch clockwise to make sure all dash lights come, as if turning the key. Them turn back to off
position to see if shifter problem corrected. If so, then the  cylinder is not being installed properly.
Afterwards, the theft will still need to be  re-learned before it will start.

Problem with my 2001 Chevy Malibu service vehicle soon
Question = the service vehicle soon light has been on since the
collision. The mechanics cannot find a code. Chevy seems to have rumors
about themselves purposely having computer input this data for the light
to come on...how do i turn the light off? Nothing needs to be done to
the car. Needed to know how to tell the computer to turn the light off

The service vehicle soon light is different then the
service engine soon. This is for a body system
problem detected. Usually because of a lighting problem, or a communication problem between several
different modules. Since it was after a collision, it may be that you need to re-program the BCM to learn
the new air bag module part #. If you only had the powertrain computer (PCM) scanned, that would not
reveal a code for this light. You need to have the BCM and other modules scanned. If the light is on,
there is a code, or a bad module.
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Ignition Lock Cylinder Repacement