2000 chevy Silverado radio says LOC. How can i unlock it? I dont have the code. Thanks.

Thank you for the payment.
I will e-mail the instructions on how to
unlock your radio......

Question: I have a 2002 Silverado 1500 and I am trying to find a replacement for the bracket that is
welded to the passenger side frame rail that the idler arm attatches to.  The original bracket has
broken off and I need to know if there is an aftermarket replacement available or is there any way to
get the original bracket.  Thank you for your time and assistance.
Answer: First off, thank you for your service to our country ! This bracket is not a part that is listed in
any catalog. It is part of the frame. You would either need to cut one off another truck from a junk
yard, are have one fabricated.

Hi, I'm fixing up a 79 chevy C-20 pickup with a 350engine.. Running rough, idling rough, when I put
into gear it stutters and stalls. I've changed the fuel pump, plugs, wires, rotor & cap, module, radio
frequency condenser, oil change. I know carburetor needs to be rebuilt.. Trying to figure out what to
do to get this truck on the road and not sure what else could be the problem.. Would like some ideas
please, Thanks Brian.
The carburetor may be the whole problem. It supplies the fuel, and it sounds like your truck is
running lean. Either that or your truck has a vacuum leak. That is also a lean condition and is very
common for causing isle and stalling problems.
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Chevy Silverado Radio Unlock Code