1996 Chevy Cavalier Convertible.
Question = When I put my car in D, it goes in gear , but very little
power to the front wheels.  After it revs up to 3000rpm or so, it will
kick in a start moving forward.  The engine idles fine, it does did seem
out of sync.  I have been told this is a timing belt issue, but it
seems to be more of a trans issue.  Can you help me determine what it most  
likely is so that I don't have unnecessary work done.

Hello and welcome.
Well, first off, this engine does not have a timing belt, it has a chain.
If that were to break, the engine would not start. If it were to jump time, it would run,
but now accelerate very well.
Without experiencing the condition for myself, this sounds like a transmission  
problem. First thing would be to check fluid level and condition. If ok, have a filter  
and fluid change performed. If no help, it would have to be driven by a trans. Tech  
to get an idea of the problem.