1991 Buick Reatta 3800 V6 service engine soon. Cam sensor code.
Do I need to replace cam sensor ? Location and easy way to replace ??
Yes, it could be the cam sensor that has failed on your car. But,
another common thing to fail on the
3800 engine is that the cam
sensor magnet, or button, has broke. This is what triggers the
sensor. The magnet bolts to the camshaft gear under the front
timing cover.

To replace the sensor, just remove the water pump pulley and
replace it. One 10mm bolt holds it on.

To replace the magnet, you will need to remove the alternator,
power steering pump, brackets, hoses etc. Then you can take the
timing cover of and replace the sensor magnet.

To check for that, remove the sensor, turn the engine over slowly
while looking into the hole. Do it slowly so you can see the magnet.
If it is missing or broken, it will have to be replaced. If it look OK,
just replace the sensor and see if the codes will clear.
1998 Pontiac Grand Prix ABS and Trac lights are on.
Trac lights come on constantly, is it dangerous for me to drive car ?  I noticed
today it seemed to gab when I applied brakes. Light will come on as soon as car is
started they stay on for as long as I'm driving.
No, normally this is not dangerous to drive, but if your car
is grabbing like you say, then I would get it looked at right

The ABS will turn on the TRAC light. Common problems
are a bad front wheel bearing which has the sensor in it,
wiring to one of the front sensors, or a rear wheel speed

A scan of the ABS computer would be needed to get the
codes that are stored to determine where the problem is.
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