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In Forum: Pontiac Montana

the scanner is one of the first things you should look at. How can you tell if the iac is working or not? Is the computer running the idle up or is the computer trying to turn the idle down and it can't? Look to see if there are any codes that could point you in a direction. smoke test: intake shouldn't have any smoke, under the intake shouldn't have any smoke. EGR, you egr valve should be e

In Forum: Chevy Trailblazer

I have exactly the same problem in my TB 2009 ... what should solve this problem please ?

In Forum: Dodge And Chrysler

yes, if you use a test light with a bulb and touch the computer's terminal you will supply the ground signal that the fuel pump needs.

In Forum: Chevy Trailblazer

something that could affect your idle too is having a problem with your AC. Make sure your ac compressor and clutch are working okay. I had a truck that came in with the ac clutch that was broken. It was way off balance but it still turned on. It vibrated like crazy as you speed up.

In Forum: Chevy Trailblazer

why did you replace your transmission? what was wrong with the old one? you should call the company you bought your transmission from and ask them why the trans won't go into second gear. without a scanner, it would be difficult to find out what is happening with a computer controlled transmission.. A transmission shop should have a scanner controller that can shift gears with the controller t

In Forum: Oldsmobile

I am kind of loss here. what wire did you have to remove that runs your radio? And why did you have to remove it? Is this an aftermarket radio that's spliced into the factory wiring harness? Aftermarket radios that are spliced into the factory harness are a common problem with other systems. I had a Honda Accord that burned up the whole lighting circuit because the customer looked for a good

In Forum: Pontiac Torrent

it could be that the door motors could be bad. they go out all the time. You can get at the motor without taking the whole thing apart like you do for a broken door. If you have a scanner you can scan the data stream and see what the motors are doing. Sometimes you can tell the motor is bad because it will make a clicking sound because the gears are stripped and keep jumping instead of stoppin

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