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In Forum: Chevy Cars

I saw a couple of posts where the reverse tube in the trans came out (bracket came apart) and that's all it was. But with trans fluid looking and smelling bad it might be transmission time. the reason why they don't recommend the trans service on a tranny that has really bad fluid and the trans is acting up is because the old fluid will have a varnish that builds up and the valves and walls and

In Forum: Pontiac Montana

I hope the person that the person you have coming to look at it can figure out what's going on. Then let us know what you find out and what it takes to fix it. I don't know if you ever had it on a scanner to watch the data the computer is using when it's acting up but I don't know how you can figure out what happening without one. PCM is always a possibility.

In Forum: Chevy Suburban

you need to verify the smoke is white. White smoke is water. rings, valve guides, stuff like that where you are burning oil should be blue smoke. How does the engine run? When you first start it up in the morning after sitting all night long how does the engine run? Does it feel like it's missing but it clears up after running for a while? that could be a sign of coolant leaking into a cylin

In Forum: Chevy Trailblazer

you may have to have your cam sensor scoped to see if it has a consistent waveform. maybe fixing the broken bolt could fix the cam code... make sure you don't have a vacuum leak that can affect your idle and surging problem. Unmetered aid can cause symptoms like this. Check the fuel trims to see if they are running a little lean. I have a propane bottle that has a valve and hose on it that I

In Forum: Saturn

when you turn the key to the run position the fuel pump should turn on for two seconds to prime the system. you should be able to hear the pump turn on and then turn off if you do not start the engine. Turn the key to run and then wait a couple of seconds to listen for the fuel pump. you should hear the relay click and a slight buzz from the fuel pump and then the relay click off. if the fuel

In Forum: Chevy Cars

my recommendation is if you cannot jump a car with a jump box, charge up your jump box. now, why didn't your jump box work? Was it fully charged up and you ran the box dead from extended cranking? If so, stop cranking so much and find out what you are missing. Spark, the correct fuel pressure, injector pulse, good compression? If your jump box doesn't work on a car is it because it won't tu

In Forum: Toyota Car And Trucks

so, did you check your spark with an incandescent test light? you need to remove your distributor cap. then using the test light, hooked up to a good ground, check for a good spark when you crank the engine over. you should have a blue/white spark that can jump at least a half inch. Unless you have a coil testing machine or a tool that will actually fire the coil, testing by measuring ohms o

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