2001 Pontiac Grand Am.
3400 V6

Question = car will drive in 1st and then shift to 2nd but that's it! Reverse is good to. Don't
have a scanner and was wondering if there's anything I can just replace. Thanks!

By the symptoms you are describing, it sounds like the forward sprag has failed. This is an
internal part of the trans. The trans. will need to come out of the car to replace it. Depending
on how bad it failed, it may have come apart so that metal has circulated throughout the trans.
May need to be totally disassembled, inspected and cleaned, and any other damaged
components replaced.

1994 Pontiac Grand Am
Engine size: 6cyl. Check engine light .
Question = I have a 94 grand am and it will go into gear but will not move. It started out with
just reverse and then did it in drive also. Sometime it will go into drive and when i drive it
shifts fine. I
checked the fluid level and it is fine.
You have probably set a
trouble code with the transmission, and that is why your check
engine light is on. If you can get the engine light checked out, it will probably help in
diagnosing the transmission problem.

But from what you describe, it has probably been slipping due to age, miles, lack of
maintenance, and now it's finally gotten so bad that the car will not move. You are most
likely going to need the transmission removed from the car and disassembled to see the
exact failure. If debris, metal, or any other material has gotten all around the inside of the
trans, you will probably need a complete rebuild
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Pontiac Grand Am Will Not Go into All Gears