2005 Pontiac Grand Prix 3.8 V6 3800 Series 2.Check engine Light.
Battery was replaced, throttle body and mass airflow sensor were cleaned.
Question = About a month ago the engine shut off while I was driving down the road. It started right up
after I pulled over to the side and stopped. A few days later, it wouldn't start at all. The mechanics said it
was a bad battery. They replaced it, but a few days later the car wouldn't start again. This time they
cleaned the throttle body and mass airflow sensor. It worked fine for a month or so, but now the check
engine light is on and the engine shut off on me again while driving down the road. It started right back
up again though. Any advice you could give would be very helpful.

The first time it died and would not start, did it crank? If not, that would explain the battery replaced. Now
the check engine light is on. First you would need to get the
computer scanned for the stored trouble
code in the computer that set the light. This is always the first step, since there are many things that can
cause a stall. Many of the large parts store chains will do this for free. With that codes number, i would
be able to offer some help. Again, too many things can cause a stall from a bad sensor, wiring problem,
to a faulty fuel pump.

1990 Pontiac Grand Prix. Engine size = 3.1L check Engine light flashes 12.
Replaced MAP sensor, Coil Bank, Computer.
Question = 1990 Grand Prix run for about a mile than stop running, replaced the parts list about
above, spark plugs don't getting any spark to the plugs. Don't have a code reader but got a 12 when
the check engine flashes. Whats wrong?

A flashing code 12 of the check engine light is not a code and all. That is just the ECM telling you it is
awake and can communicate. If the
check engine light is on there must be a code stored aside from
flashing 12. That code is probably the key to what's wrong with your car.

I would suggest going to one of the large national part store chains and have them plug in a code
reader for free. But by what you describe this sounds like a problem with either the crankshaft position
sensor or the ignition module underneath the

The crank position sensor sends a signal to the ignition module telling it that the engine is turning.
This is what is used for spark control as well as injector control. If you do not have spark and you do
not have injector pulse, then most likely the crank sensor is bad. But if you do have injector pulse then
that usually means the ignition module is bad.

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Grand Prix Engine Light Flashing