2005 Pontiac Grand Prix. Engine size 3.8. New blower motor.
Question :
The blower motor stopped working in my '05 Pontiac Grand Prix. Using my
volt meter, I checked for
voltage at the blower. With the fan set to the highest setting, I saw 12 volts so I thought the blower motor
was bad replaced it.

The new motor ran for 5 seconds then stopped. Still getting 12 V at highest setting and 6V at lowest fan
setting. I've read that if the resistor goes bad, the fan will operate only at the highest speed, however
mine doesn't operate at all. Any suggestions?

Your system works a little different. No separate circuit for high only. The blower resistor / control
module controls all speeds, and the ground for the blower- circuit 2150 BLK wire. Need to put the volt
meter, or better yet a test light, in the blower connector. Test light will light if you have power in and
ground. Sounds like you probably wont.

Sounds like the resistor / module is bad. Also check the plug on it for burned terminals. The module
also has a ground behind the radio on the cross beam.

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