2001 Pontiac Grand Prix 3800.ABS and Trac off Lights sometimes.
Transmission code was on and speed sensor light, change both front hubs.
Question = Ok here goes.  My car ran fantastic for a long time.  It hit
about 60000 miles.  I noticed some growling from the car.  Happen when i turn corners or inclined
driveways sometimes out of nowhere. Shakes steering column.  Why does Sometimes it kicks on my
abs light and trac off light.  Also, and maybe tied with in previous condition list earlier. When vehicle is
warm it shifts hard.  I took it to a mechanic in my town and he said i had three codes.  One
transmission code and one code foamy hub assemblies needing replaced.  I dont remember what the
other cod was.  I did however go to auto zone and they tested my car and no codes came up.  What
do you think could be the issue of these problems. Sorry to add on but I did change both wheel hub

codes are really the key. The trans code are not hub related. If no  codes came up at Autozone,
then i would suspect the local mechanic  cleared the codes,and one or more just have not returned
yet, even though the shifting problem. If you can find out what the code numbers were-  maybe on
mechanics receipt, then i could give some advice.
MY 2001 Chevy Monte Carlo
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2002 ABS and TRAC OFF Light Codes C0035, C0036
question = WHAT IS MY ABS PROBLEM? Why does my car do this.
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2002 ABS and TRAC OFF Light Codes C0035, C0036
Question = WHAT IS MY ABS PROBLEM? Why does my car
do this.
A few Related Questions
1999 Pontiac Grand Am 2.2L 4 cylinder.
Warning lights: TRAC off.
Question = It has been very cold here...about 4 degrees. I put my park brake on to warm my car up
in neutral. When I drove off it seemed like the brake was still hanging up. Then it seemed to bust
loose and was fine. That night I was giving a friend a ride home and the left front wheel locked up. I
ended up sideways in the street. We jacked it up and checked the wheels.  They both turn. We
towed it home. Now when I am in anything but park or neutral the trac off light comes on. I can drive
a little way, but then the wheel locks up. HELP? I can't get the car in the shop until Wednesday!
Well, the parking brake shouldn't have any issue on your front wheel locking up. You could have a
brake caliper that is sticking and locking up the wheel, or possibly an ABS issue that is keeping the
left front line locked with fluid. With the trac off light on, this is most likely related to the ABS problem.
When there are ABS codes, traction system is disabled. You'd need to get it scanned to check for
trouble codes, which could lead to a possible bad pump motor or modulator valve that is sticking. If
you could get the car in the air, have someone spin the wheels while you apply the brakes off and on
trying to duplicate the problem. This would show a sticking brake caliper more easily.
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Pontiac Grand Prix ABS Light After Changing Hub Bearings