2003 Oldsmobile Alero.
I came home from work and my car was working fine when i turned it off i forgot to switch it to park
and after i turned it off i then switched it to park. Then a few minutes later the car wont start and
the engine wont even cranks over.

I thought it was going to be the battery but all of the
electrical stuff works. When i turn the key
everything is off but the security light, once i let go off the key all the lights come on including the
radio. You cant here a thing when you try to start it, so i wonder if theres an engine kill or
something. Thanks and please write back as soon as you can.

Could you clarify something. When you try to start, it does not crank. When you release the key
and it is still in the off position, is the security / theft light on?
Problem with my 2002 Olds Alero 3400 V6.
Changed Battery, Brakes, Oil change. Can't figure out what it is?

Car will turn over but will not start? Battery's been tested, spark has been tested, electrical system
has been tested and is not reporting any errors, you can hear the fuel pump hum when the key is
in the on position. The car will start sometimes and not others and it seems if you leave it awhile
and try again, it starts again. There are no indication lights for anything on the dash board panel.
Tried removing the gas cap and starting it and it did not work last night, but then after that, we put
the cap on and it did start..could it BE a gas cap issue? Or maybe the fuel filter itself? Not sure if
that would cause a fail to start or not...need some suggestions pleeeeasse! Thank you.

No, the gas cap cannot cause your
Oldsmobile to not start. You may have a no spark problem
caused by a bad ignition module or crank position sensor. You need to find out if there is spark at
the plugs first of all. Then if there is fuel injector pulse signal. If you are sure the theft light is not
on, then these are the first things to check out.
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Oldsmobile Alero Will Not Crank Over Or Start