Learn About Some common dash indicator lights and warnings on your vehicle.
Some popular car repair articles
Check engine light - Also known as the SERVICE ENGINE SOON or SES
light. This  indicates a malfunction in the engine control and emissions
systems of your car. Step by  step instructions on how to do a simple scan
to check for computer trouble codes. These  codes give an indication as to
what system is having a problem.
Car maintenance - A list of some common auto maintenance checks
that you can do  yourself. Check fluid levels. Adjust tire pressures. Drive
belt inspection, etc. Pictures  videos, and more.
Engine data sensor Locations- Choose the engine size from the list to see
locations of  some sensors on GM vehicles. 4 cyl, v6, 8 cylinder engines.
Automotive questions -  Browse lists of some previously answered
questions. Choose  your vehicle by Make and Model and read articles our
expert mechanics have answered.  Auto repair part installation, location,
how to, diagnosis, common causes and failures.

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Dash Warning Light Indicator Descriptions