Service Engine Soon or SES light picture location and description warning on cars and trucks.
The Check Engine or SES light is one of the most common warnings to come on the
dash of todays cars and trucks.

This indicates the Powertrain Control Module (PCM or ECM) is seeing a problem in the
emissions control system. A simple
scan tool is all  that is needed to read the stored
trouble codes that the computer has  in its memory. These codes give an indication as
to what system is  having a problem. Many of the large national parts store chains will  
also do this for free.

If the light is flashing, you need to have the car or truck checked by a  mechanic as soon
as possible. This is because a flashing SES means that the engine is misfiring bad
enough to cause catalytic converter  damage. This can be very expensive to replace.
Check Engine Warning Also Known as SES or Service Engine Soon on General Motors Cars and Trucks.
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Check Engine Light Picture And Description