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Mechanic JK Bio Page
I've worked as a Certified General Motors technician for over 20 years. I started with Oldsmobile in
the late 1980's, then when Oldsmobile went out of business several years ago, I went to a Chevy,
Buick, Pontiac dealer and been with them ever since.

I work on most everything from Driveability to ABS, S.I.R., to suspension, and all things electrical. I
am married with three kids, love baseball (Go Cubs Go !), football and fishing.

I am ASE certified in all categories.
A few questions i have answered HERE
Auto mechanic. Ask about check engine light, ABS, suspension, electrical, body controls, etc. Chevy, Buick, Pontiac, Oldsmbile, Cadillac.
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Debbie said:
2007 Honda while riding as a passenger up front noticed the vibrations in the seat. What kind of problem is this?

Bob said:
@Debbie, If the vibration seems to be in relation to vehicle speed, then most likely a
tire or wheel out of balance, or even a bent rim

dave said:
I changed battery in my 2003 GMC Sierra. Now it blows only cold on drivers side and only hot on passenger side regardless of dual control settings I
also get a clicking noise for about 50 count. Like tapping on formica tabletop? Any suggestions anyone?