Worn front brake pads.
New pads installed into caliper bracket.
Typical GM front wheel drive brake caliper, pads and rotor still installed.
Removing front brake caliper.
Front brake pads and rotor.
Depress caliper piston into bore using old pad.
1- Front brake caliper
2- Outer brake pad
3- Rotor
To remove the brake pads, first remove caliper.
Using a wrench, remove lower caliper mounting
bolt and swing caliper upward. (next pic)
1- Caliper piston
2- Rotor
3- Inner pad
4- Outer pad
If not re-surfacing rotors, replace pads now.
Compress caliper piston using an old pad between
the piston and channel lock pliers. Or you can use
a large c-clamp instead a channel lock pliers.
Caliper bracket removed when re-surfacing
rotors. Old pads on bracket.
New pads installed on caliper bracket.
You can also install pads after bracket is
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How To Replace Front Brakes