Picture of how to adjust rear drum brakes for longer life and better sdtopping ability.
Regular periodic maintenance of removing the drums, cleaning the dust, and adjusting the shoes
will give longer life to the brake shoes and the front brake pads. Very dusty and misadjusted rear
brakes can cause premature wear of the rear shoes, poor stopping ability, and a heavier load on
the front brakes, causing
front pads to wear out quicker as well.
Use a small screw driver to adjust the adjusting start wheel. It will only
turn one way, because of a stop mechanism. If it does not turn one way,
turn it the other way to adjust the rear shoes outward, which brings them
closer to the inside of the drum surface for better stopping power.
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Closer view of adjusting.
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overall description of
rear drum brakes.
Description and operation of rear drum brakes with drum removed.
How to adjust rear drum brakes for longer life.

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How To Adjust Rear Drum Brakes
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