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2003 matrix will not start
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Author:  jbiggs30 [ Mon Feb 02, 2015 8:29 pm ]
2003 matrix will not start

I have a 03 matrix manual that would not start so I push started it and drove to the parts store tested the battery which was fine tested the starter which was bad replaced the starter car started fine drove home and car cut off and would not start! I took the starter off had it tested it was fine changed the clutch safety switch checked the fuses changed the ignition switch and nothing! I even ran a wire from the battery to a push button switch to the siliniod now 5 he starter rolls over but car won't start! PLEASE HELP

Author:  carriedi [ Tue Feb 03, 2015 11:12 am ]
Re: 2003 matrix will not start

does your car have anti-theft or not? Before you just replace items you should follow the starting circuit and see if you have the correct flow from the battery. Your car has power from the battery to the starter through a big cable from the positive battery post. It has power to the solenoid from the battery post through a fusible link then 30A main fuse, then through a red and black wire to the starter relay in the instrument panel junction box. the relay is powered up by a black and white (or just black) wire from the clutch safety switch. If you have anti-theft, it will be between the clutch switch and the starter relay. the power to the ignition switch that powers up the clutch switch comes on a black wire from the AM2 fuse (15A)

Check to see if you have power going to the clutch switch when you put the key into the start position. If you do then check to see if you have power going out of the switch when it is depressed. If that's all good verify that you have power going to the starter solenoid. If you aren't getting power to the solenoid check the relay. If you have anti-theft you will have a relay before the starter relay . It's called the starter cut relay behind the right upper side of the dash.

the clutch switch also has a wire that goes to the engine control module. so you want to make sure that the engine control module also see the signal when you depress the clutch pedal.

so when you try to start it with the key and you push your clutch in, what happens? No crank and no start? Does it crank but not start? Or nothing? Are you getting power to the starter solenoid? And back to: does your car have anti-theft?

have you checked for any codes?

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