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98 Ford Mustang V6 3.8L, last few weeks gears are harder to change, & throw out barrins are whistleing Then went to reverse out driveway & was stuck in reverse finally turned car off and then put it into gear and it was so hard to change gears... Couldnt drive car for like an hour went to try again and it was like it never happened! Drove fine yesterday and most of today then this evening same problem again? I had a couple ppl tell me if it was the cllutch it would just drop to floor when you mashed the gear but thats not the case! Then this evening on way to leave I see this long hair like stuff coming from exhaust? Please help, Im really confused nd dont have any men around for advice without trying to take advantage of the fact that im a female! Thanks so much!

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Well, you have two issues here....the first being the 'hair like' stuff coming out of the exhaust. This is the lining of the inside of the exhaust that is coming out. I've seen this a few times and basically you can just pull it all out, or cut it off until it comes out more and repeat. It won't affect anything not being there, but some people have gotten their exhaust system replaced when this's all a personal choice.

The second problem, with the trans, is a bit more tricky. Since it seems to come and go, it really could be anything from a clutch, throwout bearing, shifter, or internal gear/synchro problem. It's very hard to tell without getting into it. This would be a problem you really need to have a trans guy take for a drive, or show the hard shifting problem to. It could be something simple and inexpensive, or it could be a very expensive trans repair.

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