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2005 envoy no heater problem
my 2005 gmc envoy xl auto dual control tempeture is throwing out very little heat do not hear the fan on at all the back does work raise the temp. to 90 the highest it goes but just little heat and no fan try the ac button the star blinks then it goes awy no fan and when i shut off the front heater the back stays on i think before when i used to turn off the main heater which is the front it turned off all the heaters can someone help me i already check all the fuses and they are all good
Re: 2005 envoy no heater problem
check to see if you have good power and ground to the blower motor. the blower motor should be under the dash on the passenger side. It has a two wire plug in. you could run a test light between the two prongs in the blower motor connector and see if the light turns on when you turn the switch for the blower on. Sometimes if bang on the blower motor it will start up. if It still means that you have a bad blower motor but it will work again for a while.
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