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my 1998 Olds Intrugie has been cooking turn signal /drl bulbs on the right side head light assy. I've replaced said assy feeling it was a defective plug, but the same problem is still occurring..its actually melting.. I'm lost on electrical

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Usually it's the actual socket that is bad, but if you've replaced it and it's doing the same thing you might to check the wiring going to the headlight assembly and the associated connector. Also make sure you're using the correct bulbs.

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First time poster from Georgia.
1995 Olds Cutlass Supreme 3.1, 4dr, front wheel drive.
I parked it at Daughters for a week. Picked it up and the flashers, Hazzard, Cruise and Interior lights don't work. Map lights OK on the rear view mirror.
All fuses are good. I thought maybe a rat/mouse chewed some wires but no indication of that. Ran by my Mechanic and he looked and checked fuses with test light (I removed them and made a visual inspection earlier). Mechanic said he really needed an Electrical schematic.
Any ideas on what else I can check or how to copy Schematic will be appreciated.
Thanks for looking.

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the mechanic that looked at your car, did he check for power and ground at the interior lights that don't work? the power from the fuse should be on an orange wire and the white wire that goes back to the headlight switch should be the ground wire. Just chaeck that on any of the courtesy lights. Did they have a good ground and did they have battery voltage on the other side of the circuit? Did he check the turn and hazard flashers? They should both be 2 wire circuits, did he check for power and ground at the flashers?

the multifunction switch does the turn, hazard, cruise and on some cars the headlight switch, have you had someone look at that switch?

Do you have a check engine light on? that can sometimes turn the cruise control off.

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